Olympic Committee the ones that hurt us more

In the middle of moving, but I had to comment on this one. The conservative media is just going nuts over Obama’s huge failure of failing to get the games in Chicago. It makes us look fools, look at the failed President etc…

Shouldn’t it be mentioned here that the ones that truly looked like dicks to the rest of the world were the Chicago contingent on hand at the announcement? They let out a loud gasp when they were the first to be eliminated. Isn’t that the same as an Oscar winner going ‘oh shit!’ when the award goes to someone else. Someone so full of themselves that they couldn’t even imagine themselves not winning, much less coming in last? The clueless old bitch that bursts out when they are left out of a will?

It was a highly arrogant move and one that makes us look like a nation of Kanye Wests. Nothing endears yourself to the international community as much as just being boastful dickheads.


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