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Timing of Health Care and Debt Limit reminds me of something…

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The Christmas Eve vote on both of these very important and large bills reminds me of another Christmas bill, although that one was much more secretive but no less dangerous.

The vote I am speaking of is of course the Federal Reserve Act. Do yourselves a favor and seek and watch The Money Masters. It should be every American’s civic duty to see this documentary.


Fistgate GOP Pornapalooza Continues

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In case you might have thought that I was over-exaggerating the whole ‘Republicans loving printing and reading all the child porn being pushed to kids by Kevin Jennings’ you can take a look over at Big Government (Breitbart’s GOP blog) at part ELEVEN of their expose. Yes, they have had to date, 11 LONG posts full of the nastiest shit you have ever heard…in an effort to ‘get it stopped.’

Do yourself a favor and take my word for this one. It’s some really vile stuff. It would be nice for someone to slip up and admit that they are running long (and hard hehe) with this story because they love reading this stuff, not that they are outraged etc…

Oh, and no, of course I don’t promote having kids read all this, it’s disgusting, but let’s not pretend that it’s all being run up that particular flagpole (heh again!) for anything other than salacious reading. Remember, which end of the spectrum ends up being busted having gay sex in bathrooms, or having meth-fueled gay affairs, busted importing gay prostitutes into the White House…hmmmm. Not to say that Dems have any less sex scandals, but they are mostly heterosexual when you look at it. The big difference here is that homophobia isn’t a not well hidden cornerstone of policy and beliefs of the Democrats.

Copenhagen a ‘failure’ carbon prices plummet

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Here’s the story from the Financial Times.

Isn’t this the precise thing you would want to happen right before it’s jammed down everyone’s throats…buy something for pennies on the dollar right before it skyrockets. History has a way of repeating it’s self doesn’t it?

This is the same sort of thing that happened in Britain with the defeat of Napoleon, the Great Depression, the current financial problems (housing especially) and in a microcosm, 9/11.

Log Cabin Republicans Having a Field Day I Guess

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There has been a scandal brewing among ‘conservative’ bloggers about Fistgate. Obama’s School Czar, an out homosexual, apparently read nasty child porn to all his students or something to that effect. Bloggers, primarily on Andrew Breibart’s sites, have been taking great joy of posting page after page of excerpts of these porn stories for a while. So that people can be incensed by what they were ‘pushing.’  Give me a friggin break…

Uhm….why the need for pages and pages of this stuff though? Couldn’t you put a paragraph or two (edited) up and get the point across? By reprinting the nastiest parts, all you are doing is having another medium for kids to read it. But we all know it’s not really kids reading it. It’s all the conservatives that now can read kiddie porn on sites that don’t stick out in their internet histories.

There’s really no other way to explain why the sheer amount of it is being posted there and linked right off of Drudge’s site. It’s the same mentality of  ‘this tastes terrible…try some!’ and then drinking a whole bottle.

And by the way, if you are worried about kids reading it…remember it was on a recommended reading list. How many kids read anything anymore (that doesn’t have sparkly vampires or wizards anyway.) The ones that want to read this (the ones making these posts for instance) can find this easily enough on their own.

Hypocrites can be hypocritical sometimes…

My ‘talk back’ calling them out mysteriously didn’t make it past their staff but take a look at some of their posts they did let through. Kind of make my point for me.

  • Whoever writes this sort of insane sex fiction is a sex addict and mentally ill. Only the deranged could read more than a sentence or two. To force this on kids is beyond sociopathy. We must force these Marcusian sexual liberationists out of our schools, and pull our kids out until they are all gone.
  • Guest – December 17th, 2009 at 8:31 pm
    I totally agree. When is enough enough!
  • Steve Adams – December 17th, 2009 at 8:50 pm
    Let’s just come out and say it: homosexuals are out to recruit your children into the world of homosexual sex. They want to drag your adolescent sons into dirty rest rooms. They want to pervert your children’s minds into thinking that whatever perverted sex acts they can dream up, go for it. They have no place near our schools, and for certain no place in the government. Especially in organizations that have anything to do with our children.
  • rckmom – December 17th, 2009 at 8:59 pm
    I put this stuff all over my facebook page!!! Get the word out as best you can!!!
  • Barry – December 17th, 2009 at 9:11 pm
    patently disgusting and inappropriate material to be in the public school system and this can be traced right back to the baby boomer DE-generation and their SELF ABSORBTION.
  • ladynacat – December 17th, 2009 at 10:06 pm
    The crap we’re discussing cannot even come close to be compared to the Bible. And young minds are not given explicit, disgusting details within its’ pages. It tells us about man’s depravity indeed, and has been regarded thru the ages as a “learning” word, yes, but you walk a crooked line when you use it as argument to justify the garbage that is starting to be put in front of incorrigible youth. For all you evolutionists…….we’ve NOT evolved? Oh…I believe Mr. Obama has glanced the pages of the Bible, or perhaps even knows it well…he must because everything he does is the complete opposite. Nothing about the man and his minions rings true to me. Nothingggggggggggg!

Not even sure what that last person is trying to say.

Swine Flu Safe and Effective, but 800000 doses recalled

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So 800,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine have been recalled because their ‘effectiveness’ has declined, but all is well and your children don’t need new doses and it’s effective. Ok, which is it? It’s not effective anymore and needs to come back or it’s fine and don’t worry about anything? This story has not been getting wide play, the way I heard about it is because our local health department was one of the one’s receiving the wonky shots and it was on the local radio station news break. Nothing in the headlines, the national news (that I have seen anyway) or plastered all over sites like Drudge etc…

Think about this… They passed a law that made sure that vaccine makers are immune to prosecution and lawsuits over their products and they STILL are recalling 800k doses. How bad is the problem with them? They already know that the overwhelming majority of the product has already been used in the massive fear circus. They expect very little actual returns of product just because it is in such high demand that doctors, you know those that are supposed to be looking out for your health, will keep the unsafe or at least ineffective (yet still safe and effective) doses because people will buy them even if they know they are potentially w0nky.

By the way, what happened to all the doom and gloom and global pandemic that was supposed to arise out of all this?

What if they planned an armageddon and no one showed up? 🙂

Fox News solves unemployment!

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It’s all right here, but the basic idea here is if there was no minimum wage then companies could hire more workers and unemployment would dwindle to zero!



Be more obvious, please!

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For those of you not in the know on this yet , part of the great Global Warming Climate Change machine is the open talk of population control. Sounds innocuous enough right? Population control means having less babies or thinning out populations already in place. One of the tenants of the new religion known as environmentalism is that the very act of humans living on earth is killing Mother Earth. Part of the solution of shrinking our carbon footprint is to literally lessen our footprints.

It’s really just another tactic to further the eugenics ideas that have been going on for decades. The elite know that they do not have the numbers if something happened and enough people woke up all at once. They control virtually everything else, but ‘regular’ people outnumber the top elite something like 10000 to 1. Bad odds for them.

Even as Climate-gate has erupted (in the Rightwing blogosphere anyway) the environmental fanatics still plow forward with their ownership of the dialogue. Articles today from China and Canada propose the scientific certainty that we must eliminate people in order to save the world. Curtail population growth and reduce birth rates.

It IS obvious that we cannot just continue to breed the world full of people and not expect reprecussions, I am not denying that. The real question here is who do you want deciding who lives and who dies? Who gets to have babies and when? The government? People taking the Chinese lead on this?

For a good background on eugenics and how we got here check out (gasp) Alex Jones’ movie Endgame. Skip the first half of mastabatory self indulgence of Alex and skip to the last half about eugenics. It has (mostly) all good information and a basic history of the movement. Make sure you find it for free though and not give that smug shithead any money.