Low Income Babies

Now, yes, it does seem a bit like a ‘wow…just wow’ moment but it’s kind of a valid point.

It is not really asked correctly, but why is it really that the very same people that bitch the loudest about having to pay for ‘all these poor people having kids all the time’ are the very ones that want to make sure that abortion is illegal?

The real answer is this:

They want to keep those babies poor and under the system. They want them to grow up to be 18, have no real future and to join the military. Then they can use them as cannon fodder so that their kids don’t have to fight the illegal and immoral wars. Don’t kill your kids, we want to do that for you when they grow up!

That’s why the system is rigged in such a way that if you are middling, you are constantly being forced downward. If you are down, you are kept forced down. Even better if we can lay a guilt trip on you and make you feel bad for being in that position. It’s called control and the system that has been running in the US for the past 150 years or so has worked wonderfully. You have a large portion of your population poor and uneducated and the middle educated just enough to keep pushing their buttons and chasing the carrot dangled in front of them.

It’s not just the financial system, the education system, the food supply, the medical industry, racism, religion, the mind controlling media, the fake 2 party illusion of choice…it’s all of these working like a giant machine, keeping the populace fat, dumb and unhappy.


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