What the Right is afraid of today…

The new favorite of the Internet Right to tell them what to be afraid of is Breitbart and his writers. Today’s affront to humanity is the teachings of Howard Zinn in schools.

Now Howard Zinn IS a Left wing zealot whose ideas overall should not be taught in schools, although there are some bits of truth here that the Right want to always leave out. For instance, the feel good story of how Columbus discovered America and we tamed a savage land with kindness.

This is NOT how it happened folks. Nordic people ‘discovered’ the continent well before Columbus did and the folks that were already living here had no idea that they were undiscovered. We wanted the land and did what it took to take it from them. We used biological warfare against them and ‘genocided’ several tribes. To this day, Native Americans get small parcels of land to live on and the Feds have authority to kick in the doors at any time to do what they want. No matter which way you cut it, ‘white people’ put a royal screw to ‘red people.’ No amount of revisionist history changes what really happened.

This isn’t the only example of course, but it does point out that from the very beginning of this country, we were being dicks. Slavery, WWII Japanese American prisoners, eugenics, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Afghanistan again, Iraq again, now Afghanistan again…

America is plagued by a very simple logical fallacy. As America, we are automatically right therefore any dissenting view is already wrong or worse…evil. I guess in that manner we ARE a Christian nation!

The Right in this country don’t seem to get that as evil as those dirty liberals are… all the leaders of the Right do the very same things! Eugenics isn’t some liberal agenda…it’s been running non-stop mandated by left and right policy makers since day one. If the issue of abortion is indeed so critical and America as a Christian nation and all we should have laws against it…why didn’t anything happen during the years of Republican rule with all 3 branched in their corner? Why not just take these dirty Muslim/Leftist/Commie/Poor/Brown whatever people out back and kill them already?

Because they need something to keep you at odds with your fellow man about! If all the ants are constantly bickering, they cannot realize that they can take the grasshoppers out easily.

The system really works so well. People that have a problem picking out Canada on a map are yelling for more home schooling. We already have a high enough percentage of the population that believes man rode dinosaurs around and that a ghost is watching everything you do don’t you think?

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