Be more obvious, please!

For those of you not in the know on this yet , part of the great Global Warming Climate Change machine is the open talk of population control. Sounds innocuous enough right? Population control means having less babies or thinning out populations already in place. One of the tenants of the new religion known as environmentalism is that the very act of humans living on earth is killing Mother Earth. Part of the solution of shrinking our carbon footprint is to literally lessen our footprints.

It’s really just another tactic to further the eugenics ideas that have been going on for decades. The elite know that they do not have the numbers if something happened and enough people woke up all at once. They control virtually everything else, but ‘regular’ people outnumber the top elite something like 10000 to 1. Bad odds for them.

Even as Climate-gate has erupted (in the Rightwing blogosphere anyway) the environmental fanatics still plow forward with their ownership of the dialogue. Articles today from China and Canada propose the scientific certainty that we must eliminate people in order to save the world. Curtail population growth and reduce birth rates.

It IS obvious that we cannot just continue to breed the world full of people and not expect reprecussions, I am not denying that. The real question here is who do you want deciding who lives and who dies? Who gets to have babies and when? The government? People taking the Chinese lead on this?

For a good background on eugenics and how we got here check out (gasp) Alex Jones’ movie Endgame. Skip the first half of mastabatory self indulgence of Alex and skip to the last half about eugenics. It has (mostly) all good information and a basic history of the movement. Make sure you find it for free though and not give that smug shithead any money.

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