Swine Flu Safe and Effective, but 800000 doses recalled

So 800,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine have been recalled because their ‘effectiveness’ has declined, but all is well and your children don’t need new doses and it’s effective. Ok, which is it? It’s not effective anymore and needs to come back or it’s fine and don’t worry about anything? This story has not been getting wide play, the way I heard about it is because our local health department was one of the one’s receiving the wonky shots and it was on the local radio station news break. Nothing in the headlines, the national news (that I have seen anyway) or plastered all over sites like Drudge etc…

Think about this… They passed a law that made sure that vaccine makers are immune to prosecution and lawsuits over their products and they STILL are recalling 800k doses. How bad is the problem with them? They already know that the overwhelming majority of the product has already been used in the massive fear circus. They expect very little actual returns of product just because it is in such high demand that doctors, you know those that are supposed to be looking out for your health, will keep the unsafe or at least ineffective (yet still safe and effective) doses because people will buy them even if they know they are potentially w0nky.

By the way, what happened to all the doom and gloom and global pandemic that was supposed to arise out of all this?

What if they planned an armageddon and no one showed up? 🙂


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