Fistgate GOP Pornapalooza Continues

In case you might have thought that I was over-exaggerating the whole ‘Republicans loving printing and reading all the child porn being pushed to kids by Kevin Jennings’ you can take a look over at Big Government (Breitbart’s GOP blog) at part ELEVEN of their expose. Yes, they have had to date, 11 LONG posts full of the nastiest shit you have ever heard…in an effort to ‘get it stopped.’

Do yourself a favor and take my word for this one. It’s some really vile stuff. It would be nice for someone to slip up and admit that they are running long (and hard hehe) with this story because they love reading this stuff, not that they are outraged etc…

Oh, and no, of course I don’t promote having kids read all this, it’s disgusting, but let’s not pretend that it’s all being run up that particular flagpole (heh again!) for anything other than salacious reading. Remember, which end of the spectrum ends up being busted having gay sex in bathrooms, or having meth-fueled gay affairs, busted importing gay prostitutes into the White House…hmmmm. Not to say that Dems have any less sex scandals, but they are mostly heterosexual when you look at it. The big difference here is that homophobia isn’t a not well hidden cornerstone of policy and beliefs of the Democrats.


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