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Osama speaks from the grave

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A new report of an audio message from Osama bin Laden, supreme villain to the west, is supposedly worded to signal an upcoming attack of some sort. Just more reminders of how serious the threat of terrorism is and the fight against it is “fair and just.”  Should that read “fair and balanced?”

Never mind the fact that bin Laden is most likely dead at this point. Here is a good page that details some of the evidence that Mr. FartyPants Laden is no longer living. He is pushing up daisies, bleeding demised, he is an ex-terrorist.

If this had been a real message from the bad guys, don’t you think that it would have already come out, rather than almost a month later than the underwear bomber attack? I tell ya, Cheney and his cronies would have had a message out the day after if they were still in charge of the scaring. Obama did not appoint good folks to the Fearmongering Czar department I guess.

Anyone with critical thinking skills should realize by this point that at least 80% of the Al Qaeda threat is fabricated in order to perpetuate war, inspire fear and lead to an erosion of liberties of the American people. How many times have they announced the capture or killing of the same terror lieutenants? There was one in particular who was reported as captured and or killed 5 times thus far.  I mean, come on folks! How can you not see this is all for show?

Since Sep 11, 2001 we have seen video releases purportedly of Osama that are of obviously several different persons. This is why we only get audio recordings anymore. They didn’t do a very good job of faking the videos so they don’t try anymore.  Now we get audio only recordings that we are assured are ‘most likely bin Laden.’  How hard is it to fake a voice? In most cases, you could record anything off of an Arabic radio broadcast and play it for the American people and tell them whatever you wanted and they would believe it. Not many folks speak the language so we are at the mercy of intelligence community translators.

Pay no attention to the terrorist dog and pony show. The man behind the curtain is just laughing at you at this point. You still have better odds of  being hit by lightning than being the victim of a terrorist attack.


Corporate Rights

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There was a Supreme Court ruling this week and corporations have had their personal rights upheld as human beings. I can’t really say anything better than Keith Olberman already said on  his show the other day. Sometimes Keith is overly dramatic on less important things, and sometimes he is flat out wrong in his liberal ideas. He has it right this time.

Check the video out here.

It’s true…the gloves are coming off.

Referendum on Journalism

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So the National Enquirer is seriously pursuing a Pulitzer for their work on the whole John Edwards baby daddy scandal. It seems they actually have a case to make for it as well.

How sad is it that the Washington Post has to write an article on how a tabloid deserves to be in the running for a Pulitzer while their front page carries the same old government approved headlines?  We were once considered the beacon of the world for freedom of the press. At this point, other countries might as well add the ‘government controlled’ before the ‘American media.’

Do you think Watergate would become public knowledge with today’s media? Outside of namby pamby internet radio shows or conspiracy theory websites, that is. Even at least conspiratorial level, the media dare not say anything remotely controversial (without approval) in fear of being cut out of the loop or losing their Washington assignment (or network anchor job, Dan Rather.)

On a probably more realistic note, the very few corporations that own the vast majority of ‘mainstream’ outlets make sure that nothing that would harm politicos (or the system in general) makes it out to the masses, especially not in the appropriate ways with the appropriate focus on it.

The MSM does let cats out of the bag, telling stories that need to be told, but often these are buried in the back pages in small print with no hype. Instead mainstream news puts focus on such hard hitting stuff like balloon boys or… VP candidates fathering children out of wedlock , after a supermarket tabloid did all the work on the story. Yes, after months of feeding a fear frenzy about the H1N1 virus and making sure everyone really NEEDED the shot, the story of 800,000 doses being recalled for effectiveness and safety concerns gets a tiny mention but you still hear all the pro-shot hype without that being mentioned.

Has the American Media fallen this far?

Yes, it certainly has. Pappy Hearst would be proud.

Thanks, Mass. You played your part well.

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The latest chapter in the fiction that is US politics and elections has come and gone. The hyper-partisan pendulum is swinging back to the GOP in the latest episode.  Gee, now no health-care reform is going to happen.

Like there was ever going to be any.

There is no change we can believe in. Democrats are not interested in changing anything, only to cut their buddies in for a larger piece of pie. Now to support the illusion of ‘all these partisan politics lead to nothing getting done’ the GOP will now be able to stop Obama and his socialist agenda. This of course doesn’t take into account that none of that happened. Obama appointed all the same guys, kept the same policies and takes the same actions as Bush did (and was rightly panned for) but now all the deluded 2 party sheep can see how the 2 party system doesn’t work (instead of not realizing that it doesn’t exist.)

Now for pure speculation. Perhaps this is all the long con to convince the American people that the 2 party system should be abandoned. This sounds ok on the surface until you realize that the only other scenario they will allow is a one party dictatorship. ‘We need to get behind President XYZ, appointed for life with supreme power. He wants whats best for you and he will cut through all the red tape to help everyone! The government has failed you but this new government will take care of you cradle to grave!’ I wouldn’t be surprised to see this person emerge from the more and more obviously government controlled ‘tea party’ movement.

Can’t you see that happening? Is it really any more crazy than the reality we see right now?

More Jones hyperbole

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So I occasionally tune in and listen to the Alex Jones show. I also tune into Rush or Hannity and the like if I happen to be in a position to do so for sheer entertainment value. Sometimes I like to listen to idiot blowhards just for kicks.

Today’s AJ show featured quite a long segment of him screaming about how ‘real’ he is and how his info is correct and that anyone posting on the internet that doesn’t agree with him is part of a 10,000 plus government agent op to discredit him or are just jealous of his success.

Guess what Alex? I am certainly not a government operative. I’m just a guy on the internet that used to buy into all your act (which I acknowledge gives out plenty of actual good information..even if it is 90% of the time overblown and played strictly for fear tactics) but also comes across as a total counterproductive ratings whoring operation most of the time. I also am certainly not jealous. I would do just about anything than to have to be saddled with your public persona. I don’t like having people think that I am a raving lunatic with a real self ego problem.

The time before today that I last tuned in Alex was going on and on about Hal Turner being an admitted operative and part of a controlled opposition. Something vague about how Hal Turner was sending Alex death threats and even more self inflation and repeating the same line. Repetition is the most basic mind control/brainwashing. Now ask yourself how much of Alex’s show EACH AND EVERY DAY is the same thing repeated over and over. Nothing new, no new takes just repetition of how evil everyone else is that disagrees with him. ‘We can track all this and we will sue you!’ No, I am not making this up. You can listen to his show for free in several places. Check and see if I am lying.

This was all in response to a story of how bad and evil it is for the government to try and quash any dissent that is brought up against it.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Alex spends a huge portion of his show saying how evil (and obviously government) agents should not be trusted because they disagree with him in online posts…in response to a story about how the government is bad for trying to quash any opposition posted online about them.

And people still buy into it. Of course, people still buy into Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh too… never underestimate the idiocy of the general listening audience.

Want to see the power of the media?

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Take a look at this story.

People are actually (on the internet anyway) so moved by James Cameron’s fake Pandora that they feel the real world just won’t cut it.

Doesn’t this make the idea of a real life Matrix more plausible? If one were to build one, I think the majority of people would jack themselves into a virtual world 24/7 and never come back. Most people under a certain age anyway.

This only helps illustrate the point that reality is shaped by what people see on TV. If the TV says something is so, then it is. It’s self fulfilling. People are so primed to believe bullshit fake reality they will buy into blue skinned hippies with a fervor that actually changes their moods.

Do you really think that everything you see on TV isn’t worded scientifically in such a way as to change your mood or sway your belief a certain way or another?

Do you think that’s air you’re breathing?

‘Celebrities’ approve of body scanning

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That’s the headline anyway. When you watch the video, turns out that most of the folks at the AVN (thats Adult Video News) awards are all for it. Imagine that, people that are naked and doing the nastiest stuff on camera don’t care if TSA workers see their naughty bits. What a shocker!

Still has the desired effect on the weak minded however… celebrities (i.e. those more important than us) don’t mind the scanning so it must be alright.

Only once is the word Constitutional brought up and it’s a bit surprising any of them came  up with that. Not to sound crass, but historically porn stars aren’t the most politically savvy or can use big words like that correctly.