Alex Jones now ‘in cahoots’ with Drudge Report

Good ole Alex Jones is beginning his rise into Glen Beck like popularity (despite for years saying how he turned down a Rush Limbaugh level offer) by being officially recognized as a ‘news outlet’ by Drudge Report. Note, there are now articles on the infowars site also saying how Drudge Report is correct with it’s stories (even though they were lambasted when they covered for Bush’s folks.)  Weird how someone that always says they don’t buy into the 2 party system rolls with the public opinion polls and regular media’s slants.

See how this whole co-opting of the Tea Party movement was the plan from the get go?

Listen to the end of today’s show (Jan 08) where Alex is interviewing a general from Able Danger (the think tank that had already gamed out the 9/11 scenario way before it happened) and his always hard line MIHOP stance on 9/11 had now softened to the LIHOP , especially with this guest. He then launches into loud cries about Hal Turner being an FBI agent… nice deflection huh?

Alex Jones sheeple, can you not see what’s happening here? Alex Jones is a Junior level Glenn Beck on his way up. I guess the programming has already worked so well that sadly, Alex Jones fans probably think Glenn Beck is awesome anyway.

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