Want to see the power of the media?

Take a look at this story.

People are actually (on the internet anyway) so moved by James Cameron’s fake Pandora that they feel the real world just won’t cut it.

Doesn’t this make the idea of a real life Matrix more plausible? If one were to build one, I think the majority of people would jack themselves into a virtual world 24/7 and never come back. Most people under a certain age anyway.

This only helps illustrate the point that reality is shaped by what people see on TV. If the TV says something is so, then it is. It’s self fulfilling. People are so primed to believe bullshit fake reality they will buy into blue skinned hippies with a fervor that actually changes their moods.

Do you really think that everything you see on TV isn’t worded scientifically in such a way as to change your mood or sway your belief a certain way or another?

Do you think that’s air you’re breathing?

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