More Jones hyperbole

So I occasionally tune in and listen to the Alex Jones show. I also tune into Rush or Hannity and the like if I happen to be in a position to do so for sheer entertainment value. Sometimes I like to listen to idiot blowhards just for kicks.

Today’s AJ show featured quite a long segment of him screaming about how ‘real’ he is and how his info is correct and that anyone posting on the internet that doesn’t agree with him is part of a 10,000 plus government agent op to discredit him or are just jealous of his success.

Guess what Alex? I am certainly not a government operative. I’m just a guy on the internet that used to buy into all your act (which I acknowledge gives out plenty of actual good information..even if it is 90% of the time overblown and played strictly for fear tactics) but also comes across as a total counterproductive ratings whoring operation most of the time. I also am certainly not jealous. I would do just about anything than to have to be saddled with your public persona. I don’t like having people think that I am a raving lunatic with a real self ego problem.

The time before today that I last tuned in Alex was going on and on about Hal Turner being an admitted operative and part of a controlled opposition. Something vague about how Hal Turner was sending Alex death threats and even more self inflation and repeating the same line. Repetition is the most basic mind control/brainwashing. Now ask yourself how much of Alex’s show EACH AND EVERY DAY is the same thing repeated over and over. Nothing new, no new takes just repetition of how evil everyone else is that disagrees with him. ‘We can track all this and we will sue you!’ No, I am not making this up. You can listen to his show for free in several places. Check and see if I am lying.

This was all in response to a story of how bad and evil it is for the government to try and quash any dissent that is brought up against it.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Alex spends a huge portion of his show saying how evil (and obviously government) agents should not be trusted because they disagree with him in online posts…in response to a story about how the government is bad for trying to quash any opposition posted online about them.

And people still buy into it. Of course, people still buy into Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh too… never underestimate the idiocy of the general listening audience.

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