Thanks, Mass. You played your part well.

The latest chapter in the fiction that is US politics and elections has come and gone. The hyper-partisan pendulum is swinging back to the GOP in the latest episode.  Gee, now no health-care reform is going to happen.

Like there was ever going to be any.

There is no change we can believe in. Democrats are not interested in changing anything, only to cut their buddies in for a larger piece of pie. Now to support the illusion of ‘all these partisan politics lead to nothing getting done’ the GOP will now be able to stop Obama and his socialist agenda. This of course doesn’t take into account that none of that happened. Obama appointed all the same guys, kept the same policies and takes the same actions as Bush did (and was rightly panned for) but now all the deluded 2 party sheep can see how the 2 party system doesn’t work (instead of not realizing that it doesn’t exist.)

Now for pure speculation. Perhaps this is all the long con to convince the American people that the 2 party system should be abandoned. This sounds ok on the surface until you realize that the only other scenario they will allow is a one party dictatorship. ‘We need to get behind President XYZ, appointed for life with supreme power. He wants whats best for you and he will cut through all the red tape to help everyone! The government has failed you but this new government will take care of you cradle to grave!’ I wouldn’t be surprised to see this person emerge from the more and more obviously government controlled ‘tea party’ movement.

Can’t you see that happening? Is it really any more crazy than the reality we see right now?


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