Referendum on Journalism

So the National Enquirer is seriously pursuing a Pulitzer for their work on the whole John Edwards baby daddy scandal. It seems they actually have a case to make for it as well.

How sad is it that the Washington Post has to write an article on how a tabloid deserves to be in the running for a Pulitzer while their front page carries the same old government approved headlines?  We were once considered the beacon of the world for freedom of the press. At this point, other countries might as well add the ‘government controlled’ before the ‘American media.’

Do you think Watergate would become public knowledge with today’s media? Outside of namby pamby internet radio shows or conspiracy theory websites, that is. Even at least conspiratorial level, the media dare not say anything remotely controversial (without approval) in fear of being cut out of the loop or losing their Washington assignment (or network anchor job, Dan Rather.)

On a probably more realistic note, the very few corporations that own the vast majority of ‘mainstream’ outlets make sure that nothing that would harm politicos (or the system in general) makes it out to the masses, especially not in the appropriate ways with the appropriate focus on it.

The MSM does let cats out of the bag, telling stories that need to be told, but often these are buried in the back pages in small print with no hype. Instead mainstream news puts focus on such hard hitting stuff like balloon boys or… VP candidates fathering children out of wedlock , after a supermarket tabloid did all the work on the story. Yes, after months of feeding a fear frenzy about the H1N1 virus and making sure everyone really NEEDED the shot, the story of 800,000 doses being recalled for effectiveness and safety concerns gets a tiny mention but you still hear all the pro-shot hype without that being mentioned.

Has the American Media fallen this far?

Yes, it certainly has. Pappy Hearst would be proud.


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