Osama speaks from the grave

A new report of an audio message from Osama bin Laden, supreme villain to the west, is supposedly worded to signal an upcoming attack of some sort. Just more reminders of how serious the threat of terrorism is and the fight against it is “fair and just.”  Should that read “fair and balanced?”

Never mind the fact that bin Laden is most likely dead at this point. Here is a good page that details some of the evidence that Mr. FartyPants Laden is no longer living. He is pushing up daisies, bleeding demised, he is an ex-terrorist.

If this had been a real message from the bad guys, don’t you think that it would have already come out, rather than almost a month later than the underwear bomber attack? I tell ya, Cheney and his cronies would have had a message out the day after if they were still in charge of the scaring. Obama did not appoint good folks to the Fearmongering Czar department I guess.

Anyone with critical thinking skills should realize by this point that at least 80% of the Al Qaeda threat is fabricated in order to perpetuate war, inspire fear and lead to an erosion of liberties of the American people. How many times have they announced the capture or killing of the same terror lieutenants? There was one in particular who was reported as captured and or killed 5 times thus far.  I mean, come on folks! How can you not see this is all for show?

Since Sep 11, 2001 we have seen video releases purportedly of Osama that are of obviously several different persons. This is why we only get audio recordings anymore. They didn’t do a very good job of faking the videos so they don’t try anymore.  Now we get audio only recordings that we are assured are ‘most likely bin Laden.’  How hard is it to fake a voice? In most cases, you could record anything off of an Arabic radio broadcast and play it for the American people and tell them whatever you wanted and they would believe it. Not many folks speak the language so we are at the mercy of intelligence community translators.

Pay no attention to the terrorist dog and pony show. The man behind the curtain is just laughing at you at this point. You still have better odds of  being hit by lightning than being the victim of a terrorist attack.

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