Why won’t this woman just go away?

Check the insanity here.

Sarah Palin says Obama can insure his re-election by just declaring war on Iran. This is wrong on so many levels. A president cannot declare war himself. By the Constitution anyway, but I don’t think this has been adhered to since World War II anyway so we will give her that one.

The  voters that just vote straight ticket with no clue as to who or what they are voting for are not going to magically become aware and get behind the Socialist Black Muslim Kenyan Hitler just because he does something that you would have expected a McCain to do. Obama has continued or even broadened most of the crazy policies that Bush left behind anyway. Hope? Change? Not even close.

A total war with Iran, if you ignore the probability that they are just playing their part in the global theater of politics (much like professional wrestling,) would be a disaster. It would be at a minimum a repeat of the Iraq boondoggle, except that Iran has better access to nukes than Iraq was supposed to have. There is only a small part of the public that realizes that the weapons of mass destruction that we were all worried about in Iraq were given/sold to them by us back in the 80s. There is even less of the public that knows and understands that we funded Iran for many years right up to then as well. We supplied both sides of that conflict because war is big money and our military industrial complex has never passed up a chance to make money by selling to both sides of any war, even going all the way back to World War II. Many large companies and rich powerful men whose names you would know were busted for selling to the Nazis even after we started battling them in the European theater.

Sarah Palin is nothing more than a political clown, an easy target for the social comedians of today, but even scarier, a high polling candidate for the Republican party. In a world that is full of constant fear-mongering , that is something that truly is scary as hell.

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