Super Bowl Ad ‘Programming’

Programming is 100% correct in this case. Most will see this as a goofy, not overly funny car ad that picks on the ‘green movement’ a bit.

The fact is it is a scary as hell look at what is to come if the ‘tree hugging lefties’ get their way…

This is psychological programming. Hey, someone barging in and arresting  you is fine and cool (and funny!) if you use the wrong light bulbs or turn your water too hot. Police checkpoints with cars lined up are fine, and you will get to bypass it all if you are driving the correct ‘green’ car or whatever. The ending is especially scary in that it says ‘ the green police’ are above the law, they are more powerful than regular police. Ignoring everything the country stands for and being more intrusive and bullying than regular cops is what should be happening….if only we cared enough for the environment!

It’s not a funny ad, it’s a dammed scary look at the future for us.

If you look at the like/dislike numbers for that ad, you see that it is right down party lines like you might expect.

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