Getting around Infowars censorship

If you have ever posted anything critical of Alex Jones on his various websites, you have probably at least once found your comments being deleted. If you have done it a few times, you probably find that your posts never show at all. His tech crew is actively putting people’s IP addresses in the filter to censor your comments. If you find yourself not able to post anything there, you need to do it from a different IP. I have verified this myself.

Note, normal operation is that you post a comment and it shows for you right then. If you refresh, you will notice your comment is gone. Wait about 5 minutes or so and if you are NOT banned your comment should be showing back up by then. If it doesn’t after that 5 minute or so wait, then congrats! You have pissed off good ole AJ enough to have your IP banned.

If you are wondering, I know this because I simply posted things critical of Jones, no vulgarities or spamming or anything like that. I find it humorous that a website that criticizes Google et. al. for ‘censorship’ cannot take a little heat from people that don’t agree with his tactics. Of course if someone is posting nothing but disruptive spam or hate-filled diatribes then that site’s owner should of course limit that kind of posting, but a website that purports to be ‘all about the truth’ and is against any kind of information denial deletes and bans people that don’t agree with them…well that’s just being hypocritical. Take a look for yourself the kinds of antisemitic racist crap that DOES stay on that site and ask yourself why anything that simply says ‘this man is lying to you and here is evidence of that’ is yanked down before it’s even up.

One trait among power hungry sociopaths is a sense of paranoia and extreme hated at any criticisms or implications that they are not who they say that are. Pol Pot, Jim Jones, Richard Nixon…  take a listen to Alex Jones state over and over again that anyone that disagrees with him is COINTELPRO on a daily basis. See a pattern here?

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