Plane Crash in Austin: Obviously all about Alex Jones

As one might expect, the small plane crash in Austin has become all about Alex Jones.  This is an op, setup at Alex’s front door. Coincidence? Not at all, but not in the way that Alex thinks. Within the next couple of days, if he hasn’t already, he will claim that this was done in order to rattle him or scare him off telling the truth. Wait and see.

** Update: He almost made it until noon, 11:59 CST to be exact, before he started with the ‘I called it! I told you this was going to happen!’ Give me a friggin break.**

**12:21 CST. During an interview with paragon of truth, David Icke (lol) Alex has upgraded his psychic powers to saying ‘ I have said for the past year that they were setting up Austin for a terror attack.’  He’s like a kid in a candy store…he just can’t help himself. **

Also, just now, at about 11:30 CST on Drudge, the headline read ‘SMALL PLANE TARGETS IRS BUILDING’ but has since been ripped down. Sadly, I did not get a screenshot but it was there. The implication is that a disgruntled person flew the small plane from Waco and intentionally crashed it into the IRS building in protest. *update, I guess it’s back up now…funny how they have the whole story within an hour of it happening…I think I remember this scenario happening before.

This IS a big thing, and I urge everyone to pay attention because this is just the thing that likes to get going when the Dems have the public reigns. Domestic terrorism ramps up so the rights of the American people can be directly taken away instead of being stealthily stolen by the Republicans… all part of the illusion of choice and fake two party system but the results are always the same: persecute the public and take more rights away.


4 Responses to “Plane Crash in Austin: Obviously all about Alex Jones”

  1. Read the suicide note yet?

  2. Indeed. Also listening how Alex says that he is the only outlet with the note and how sinister the hosting company pulled the site down. Except for the fact that there are literally hundreds of sites with the note , including the Smoking Gun since before he had it posted, and that in the normal course of things the site is going to be pulled during the investigation.
    Also Alex is now saying he called Austin as the target of a false flag attack going back to December and his callers are calling in parroting this with nothing at all to back it up. Give me a damn break…

  3. My friend sent me the note in .doc form a few hours ago. Some people have to be at the top of every hill, I guess.

  4. Alex is on air right now saying how THEY discovered it and then the local newspaper ‘broke it’ … but in an effort to say this is a false flag attack he is currently saying that even though they found it that it is most likely faked. He is even trying to be on both sides of this (we found this and confirmed it came from him….but it’s probably faked cause this is a false flag attack just like I have been saying it was going to be…in Austin and I’ve been saying it for 6 months, no December…no YEARS…

    total classic Jones trying to insert himself into the news of the day, make himself more important (“It’s scary being the focus of the whole NWO” yes that is an exact quote from his show) and also cover every side of the story in order to be able to go back and say ‘see how I called it’ even though he’s ‘called it’ every possible way so far…

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