Alex Jones Rally Crasher Details

I was able to research the Alex Jones rally crashing this weekend and here some more details.

The rally was being arranged by a group called Texans for Accountability in Government. 2 of the main coordinators were John Bush and Catherine Bleish. The man speaking when Alex arrives is John and the girl that ‘has a hard on’ for Alex is Catherine. They were (more on that in a second) on the Rule of Law radio network, out of Austin.

Their first show back after this rally, they simply called a spade a spade and Rule of Law radio first killed the archive of this show on their site and then cancelled the show, citing a clause in the contract that says to not trash or otherwise call out any other host that runs on that radio station. Guess who’s show is on that station?

This isn’t the first time Alex has had a show yanked on his insistence. Jack Blood’s show was killed the same way from GCN as was Jeff Rense’s. How many more ‘lesser celebs’ does he have to bulldoze before people see that he is doing nothing less than pulling  a Glenn Beck in the ‘patriot community?’

Alex never passes up a chance to proclaim himself ‘tip of the spear’ of the truth movement nor to loudly proclaim some minor feat (that he generally fakes or pays for  himself.) I cannot find the link right now, but it was proven that one of the ‘see here it is in the AP!’ newstories that was backing up some outrageous claim of his (of being mentioned by AP pretty much) was released by them and paid for by them to run in the AP wires. A tactic that he (rightly so) slammed as nothing more than evil when the Bush White House was doing it.

There are still scores of AlexDrones out there who defend and believe anything he says is true. Even if he is provably double sided on all of his ‘predictions.’ The swine flu deal was the easiest to see, however he is busy talking out of both sides of his mouth about the Austin IRS Crasher. He goes on air and whines and bitches because Glenn Beck (who is running the exact same gameplan) is so much further ahead than him in his money making/media coverage than him. He literally said that the other day on air ‘Glenn Beck is copying me…IT MAKES ME MAD!’ Really, he did. I am not making this all up, it’s right there in his archives, go listen. He has taken recently to raging about Glenn Beck and then changing his tone to a weepy, I’m just so sad tone. Juxtapose that with Beck’s famous on air tears… it really IS the same program.

The nice folks that got steamrolled, the Rise Up Radio folks, are just the latest victims in the strong arm tactics of Alex Jones’ Truth Express. I will be posting the infamous censored broadcast where they explain what happened (backed 100% by video, some of which you can see in my last posting) and then Alex’s version of the story that doesn’t match the video at all.

If you are truly awake, and have the elusive discernment that Jones preaches about but says he is the only one who possesses it, then use some of that and see Alex Jones and GCN for what they are: COINTELPRO agents who are laughing all the way to the bank while keeping you pacified with some of the truth.


2 Responses to “Alex Jones Rally Crasher Details”

  1. Just wait til “the nice folks that got steamrolled” step all over you. You won’t think they’re so nice.

    I don’t even like Jones, but I do know Bush and Bleish will eat you alive in order to get into the spotlight.

    This story is a standard case of two enormous egos meet in one place, and the loudest one is now seen as the “bad guy”.

  2. I will give you that I don’t know these folks , so I cannot attest to how ‘nice’ they are, but … well take a look at the video.

    The 900lb gorilla (literally) here is Jones and I see him just descending further into insanity day after day. He really is demonstrating signs of mental illness. I don’t say that lightly, he acts paranoid and has huge highs and lows… everytime I have seen this kind of behavior it was when they were deconstructing the downfall of a cult head or other sociopath. Jim Jones, Pol Pot and Richard Nixon immediately spring to mind here.
    I was once a Jones fan until I figured out that he is a honeypot, collecting the names, addresses and credit cards (and money) of people that can see what is going on and be a danger to the power structure. To see him doing what is textbook COINTELPRO crashes at rallies… if it walks like a duck…

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