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Cops Taser Pregnant Women, Courts Back Them Up

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In a disgusting illustration of the further evolution of the Police States of America, 3 policemen that tasered a 7 month pregnant woman 3 times because she wouldn’t sign a speeding ticket and then refused to get out of her car got backed up by federal appeals court as not being excessive force.

This and NYPD subway cops brandishing M-16s, and worse, people satisfied and safe feeling commuting with machine gun armed cops.

The only good thing I can say is that the other day I saw a copy of the Citizen’s Constitution Handbook on the desk of one of the instructors at the local law enforcement academy. I sure hope he was reading it as it was intended, as opposed to seeing ‘how the bad guys think.’

It’s a crap shoot these days really.


I’ll just leave this here

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Get regular screenings folks.

Military shocked at pain pill abuse…LOL

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The Army and the military as a whole are ‘concerned’ about pain killers being prescribed to military members. Really?

If you keep people deployed and stressed and work their asses off for years on end, you are all the sudden shocked by 11% of those folks ‘abusing’ pain meds?

It must be really bad because when I was in the military, no matter what ailment you had, you were given 800mg ibuprofen (Motrin) and sent on your way. Toothache? Motrin. Lost a foot? Motrin. Underwent surgery? Motrin.

Remember this all comes from an organization that has for decades experimented with various drugs to invent a tireless super-soldier. LSD, amphetamines, various experimental vaccinations…the list is nearly endless. Soldiers are used as guinea pigs on a regular basis. It has always been this way and will continue to be. Just Google experimental drug use by military and see for yourself. Only about 1.2 million hits.

If you want to run kids through a meat grinder, the least you can do is let them have something to not hurt while you continue to run them through. Besides, as soon as their deployments are over and they come back to the real world they will have to dry out because all their benefits will disappear and they won’t be able to get any more pills.

The China Symdrome

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No, not a nuclear meltdown, but the financial nuke China holds over the US.

Paul Krugman has a new editorial stating, basically, that we have China over a barrel and not the other way around. Here is the part of the article where the faulty reasoning shines through:

It’s true that if China dumped its U.S. assets the value of the dollar would fall against other major currencies, such as the euro. But that would be a good thing for the United States, since it would make our goods more competitive and reduce our trade deficit. On the other hand, it would be a bad thing for China, which would suffer large losses on its dollar holdings. In short, right now America has China over a barrel, not the other way around.

Our dollar is already very weak against other currencies. Making it weaker (by trying to outprint China) will only make it worse. The proposed upside here, that our exports would be worth more would mean something if we still actually made anything. Corporate America has spent decades shipping all the manufacturing jobs overseas (a bunch to China in fact) to turn us more into a consuming society rather than a producing society.

The problem is obvious, the answers aren’t. We have been engineered to be bled dry and now that the turnip is out of blood, and people are getting scared. Rightly so perhaps. The few that seem to have enough brain cells to figure this all out are vastly outnumbered by the ones that will only realize what’s going on once American Idol is shut off and they are being marched into train cars. It’s not China ‘doing this,’ it’s all part of the plan. China is just playing their role in the whole thing. The few (white) folks at the top are still the ones in command, manipulating the globe to their desires. So all you NASCAR drinking idiots can at least rest assured that you aren’t being destroyed by some minority you hate and fear, but by rich white guys that you somehow believe you can one day be…once your trailer is paid off, right?

Also, are we still bothering to pretend that Obama is some beacon of civil liberties and all that? This should certainly be the final piece of evidence you need to see why that is all fake. Collecting everyone’s DNA that is suspected of a crime (i.e. arrested) and even for traffic stops. Not to invoking Godwin’s law for the heck of it, but this really is way beyond Nazi level control. It just is.

Ok, let’s just let Texas go on their own…

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Texas is pushing hard to inject ‘conservatism’ into text books. They are seeking to make such changes as listing Reagan’s accomplishments as much as FDR’s, tweak the history of the civil rights movements and make sections on studying country and western music as a ‘culture.’ Also suggested is the changing the term imperialism to expansionism, as much as in it refers to America and putting speeches from Confederate leaders next to Lincoln’s.

Read the story here and try not to cry. Now, I am no liberal lefty performing abortions on the way to my green job in a Prius, but this is just beyond stupid. This is nothing more than an end around at putting people riding on the backs of dinosaurs and setting the age of the earth at 6000 years in science books.

“To deny the Judeo-Christian values of our founding fathers is just a lie to our kids,” said Ken Mercer, a San Antonio Republican.

Are you goddam kidding me here?

I am all for putting actual truthful history in textbooks for kids, whether it’s positive or negative of today’s political correctness but this is just more idiocy to teach kids. How about covering the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913? How about covering how poorly we treated the native Americans that white folks ‘discovered?’ How do you think textbooks are going to tell the tale of the second Gulf War? With the outright lies and political wrangling that made it happen, or more comparisons between Hitler and Hussein? I bet they don’t acknowledge the fact that Americans helped put Hussein into power and sold him tons (literally) of weapons, including chemical weapons, in the 80s to battle the commies in Iran on our behalf.

If folks want to start changing the history books, then let’s really change them to reflect the ugly black truth that is American History.

Friday News Roundup

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Some brief stuff for stories floating today:

9/11 Responders get $657 million in settlement. After 9 years of fighting, they have approved $657 million to those that saved lives on that day. It took them 9 years of fighting and being demonized etc… We used $17 Billion to bail out just the car companies…$750 for the Wall Street Banks….and real heroes get a tenth of that. Shows you where our heart is dunnit?

Club Settles in 8 year old’s Uzi death. A kid accidentally shot himself in the head with an UZI at a gun club event and instead of holding his father, who was 10 feet away fiddling with a camera, they held the gun club liable and are making them pay out $20k to charities as part of their avoidance of charges. Wow, so much wrong here. Instead of pointing the finger at the father (who was right there) it becomes political and turns into a whole ‘guns are bad, let’s get rid of guns’ political argument. Not saying that we should do that, this guys life is ruined and he will punish himself everyday. Just chalk it up to an accident and move on. Playing devil’s advocate here, even if it’s mislaid, the other message here is a child’s life is worth $20k. See story one to put this in perspective.

James Brown’s body is missing from his crypt.


I feel dead!

Sean David Morton Financial Psychic

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So, there’s a story about the SEC shutting down a so called financial prophet named Sean David Morton. The name and the face (what a lovely picture with that article huh?) seemed familiar so I checked. Turns out this guy worked the ‘conspiracy circuit’ quite a bit and appeared on George Noory and Alex Jones before.

If you read the story it’s fairly easy to see exactly how and why he fits into the puzzle here. He sounds like several of the same kinds of financial experts you hear regularly on Jones’ show doesn’t he?

I am not saying anything bad, just sayin’…