Friday News Roundup

Some brief stuff for stories floating today:

9/11 Responders get $657 million in settlement. After 9 years of fighting, they have approved $657 million to those that saved lives on that day. It took them 9 years of fighting and being demonized etc… We used $17 Billion to bail out just the car companies…$750 for the Wall Street Banks….and real heroes get a tenth of that. Shows you where our heart is dunnit?

Club Settles in 8 year old’s Uzi death. A kid accidentally shot himself in the head with an UZI at a gun club event and instead of holding his father, who was 10 feet away fiddling with a camera, they held the gun club liable and are making them pay out $20k to charities as part of their avoidance of charges. Wow, so much wrong here. Instead of pointing the finger at the father (who was right there) it becomes political and turns into a whole ‘guns are bad, let’s get rid of guns’ political argument. Not saying that we should do that, this guys life is ruined and he will punish himself everyday. Just chalk it up to an accident and move on. Playing devil’s advocate here, even if it’s mislaid, the other message here is a child’s life is worth $20k. See story one to put this in perspective.

James Brown’s body is missing from his crypt.


I feel dead!

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