Ok, let’s just let Texas go on their own…

Texas is pushing hard to inject ‘conservatism’ into text books. They are seeking to make such changes as listing Reagan’s accomplishments as much as FDR’s, tweak the history of the civil rights movements and make sections on studying country and western music as a ‘culture.’ Also suggested is the changing the term imperialism to expansionism, as much as in it refers to America and putting speeches from Confederate leaders next to Lincoln’s.

Read the story here and try not to cry. Now, I am no liberal lefty performing abortions on the way to my green job in a Prius, but this is just beyond stupid. This is nothing more than an end around at putting people riding on the backs of dinosaurs and setting the age of the earth at 6000 years in science books.

“To deny the Judeo-Christian values of our founding fathers is just a lie to our kids,” said Ken Mercer, a San Antonio Republican.

Are you goddam kidding me here?

I am all for putting actual truthful history in textbooks for kids, whether it’s positive or negative of today’s political correctness but this is just more idiocy to teach kids. How about covering the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913? How about covering how poorly we treated the native Americans that white folks ‘discovered?’ How do you think textbooks are going to tell the tale of the second Gulf War? With the outright lies and political wrangling that made it happen, or more comparisons between Hitler and Hussein? I bet they don’t acknowledge the fact that Americans helped put Hussein into power and sold him tons (literally) of weapons, including chemical weapons, in the 80s to battle the commies in Iran on our behalf.

If folks want to start changing the history books, then let’s really change them to reflect the ugly black truth that is American History.

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