Rand Paul is a lousy public speaker

I have supported his father and have also withdrawn support for his father when it was obvious he was , in the end , just another politician. One that had some good ideas, but they were still for sale.

Now Dr. Rand Paul, Ron’s son, is up for Senate in Kentucky. He handily won the primary, but now Rachel Maddow and others are trotting out the racism rant that they used against his father. On the surface of it, it sounds like they are indeed racist, but if you realize what they are saying, it really isn’t.*If you are unaware, he is in hot water for essentially saying he was for about 90% of the Civil Rights Act (and Disabilities Act) and gets cornered into sounding like he wants to bring back segregation and ‘no blacks allowed’ signs at restaurants etc…*

The problem here is, Rand ,nor his father, can speak well enough to have anyone realize what they ARE trying to say. They try to politicize and over-PC their speech so that they cannot be cornered but fail to make their point… so allow me to explain it for them.

Are you in favor of allowing businesses to post ‘no blacks allowed’ (or gays, or Mexicans or whatever…you get the point)

His answer should be: Yes.

His point is that the Federal Government should keep it’s nose out of private business and allow people to determine what stays in business themselves. He wouldn’t visit a shop that had a ‘no Mexicans’ sign posted and he figures that most folks wouldn’t either. Having a ‘no blacks served’ sign in the window will lead to that place’s eventual closing because no one would want to eat at some bigot’s place. That, and continuing to pay for the windows that would get broken out all the time.

Now, I don’t necessarily agree with him, but I certainly understand his point of view here and what he is trying to say. He’s not personally racist (at least he says he isn’t, but how can one determine what’s in one’s heart?) and his comments are not being made with any racist intent. It’s a difference of perspectives, and not even in the way his detractors want to paint it. The machinery that is now trying to level this kind of talk understand it , but they want to paint the picture to their drooling followers that he is a bigot and a racist. The real problem is that there are plenty of people that will just read the cliffnotes and not really even try to understand, even if they don’t agree.


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