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Republicans right for all the wrong reasons

Posted in Census, Constitution Trampling, Philosophy, Politics with tags , , , on June 19, 2009 by jonnyfrag

Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has publicly stated that she refuses to answer anything other than the Constitutionally prescribed number of people living in her home. All of the ditto-heads are crying on and on about ACORN doing the Census and it being a leftist conspiracy against our Bill of Rights. They are right, sort of.

It’s not that the Obama administration is blatantly paying back ACORN for their controversial help during the campaign, it’s the simple fact that the Constitution only says we need to count people for congressional allocation. Republicans crying about our rights and such need to shut the hell up since their guy did as much to our rights as Hitler did to Germans in the 1930s.

You cannot come now crying about rights when you enacted laws that eliminated several sections of the Bill of Rights, neutered several others and then got rid of Posse Comitatus. Where were you patriotic rights defenders when it was passed that not only can people be held without charges, without contact and without representation forever but under the President’s call that you are a ‘unlawful combatant?’ This isn’t just for brown people and Muslims, it’s been used hundreds of times against Americans for normal everyday crimes.

Those super powers that Bush and co. passed are now in the hands of someone you don’t like Republicans. Stings doesn’t it? Those of us who are awake and know that Republicans and Democrats are different color dresses on the same pigs were trying to tell you this before. We were branded as crazy and conspiratorial. Not looking so crazy now are we? Oh no, they are trampling our rights and they don’ t want our voices to be heard. Welcome to the real world bitches!

Also of note is the greatly inflated reports of the fine you receive if you refuse to answer any census questions. ‘It could be up to $5000!’ Wrong. The max fine for refusing to answer is $100 and it has been levied very very few times in the past. That doesn’t mean they won’t be handing out tickets left and right this time, but media reports as well as the census workers try to intimidate people into answering with these threats. The law reads very clear. You refuse: $100. You answer but lie: $500. A census worker uses your info ‘inappropriately’: $5000 plus maybe some time.

You do not have to answer these questions. Don’t lie, just refuse. The government doesn’t need to know how much you make, how much your mortgage is, what time you go to work (yes that’s on there…doesn’t that sound like a thief casing the joint?) or what kind of power you use. They already know most of that. Hell, they listen to everything we say on the phone already and remember Republicans, you supported this and also immunity for the companies that helped the government break the law!

So in short, when the census takers come around tell them how many live there (as authorized in the Constitution) and tell them to stuff the rest. Don’t bow down to their intimidation and lies. They can suck it.

And Republicans, shut the hell up about your damaged liberties. Your boy is the one that laid the groundwork for this all to happen.