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Meet the new boss, EXACTLY the same as the old boss.

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You people do realize that voting between Democrats and Republicans is like voting for Marlboro and Camel right? Both are the same, and both have you pay them high prices in order to kill you. The whole Tea Party movement is even worse: it’s like buying Marlboro or Marlboro Mediums. So far I’ve seen only PBS and Bill Maher pointing out that the Tea Party, which is people fed up with both parties and wanting to eliminate taxes and government control and corporate welfare and bailouts, is being funded by Karl Rove and company. Do you think that Karl Rove, the prototype Neo-Con, really wants LESS government control?

When the Ron Paul campaign showed that there was actually a healthy population of people with Libertarian ideals and really wanting to change the system, the GOP quickly copted, bought out and controlled the movement. You folks that were in on the Paul ‘Revolution’ know now (or you should) how fake it all was and how it was the beginning of making a controlled opposition. Once the Glen Becks and Sarah Palins started jumping on  board, you didn’t see where that was headed?

Politics is professional wrestling, only we the people, the bottom 98% are the only ones that ever end up injured or dead.

Please wake up people! Please! If HALF of the energy that goes into all this fake outrage and hyper ‘partisan’ bickering were put into actually seeing through the outright lies and deception and smoke and mirrors of it all, the people of this country (the world actually) would realize how and why we are being used by that top 2% and we could take them on!


The China Symdrome

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No, not a nuclear meltdown, but the financial nuke China holds over the US.

Paul Krugman has a new editorial stating, basically, that we have China over a barrel and not the other way around. Here is the part of the article where the faulty reasoning shines through:

It’s true that if China dumped its U.S. assets the value of the dollar would fall against other major currencies, such as the euro. But that would be a good thing for the United States, since it would make our goods more competitive and reduce our trade deficit. On the other hand, it would be a bad thing for China, which would suffer large losses on its dollar holdings. In short, right now America has China over a barrel, not the other way around.

Our dollar is already very weak against other currencies. Making it weaker (by trying to outprint China) will only make it worse. The proposed upside here, that our exports would be worth more would mean something if we still actually made anything. Corporate America has spent decades shipping all the manufacturing jobs overseas (a bunch to China in fact) to turn us more into a consuming society rather than a producing society.

The problem is obvious, the answers aren’t. We have been engineered to be bled dry and now that the turnip is out of blood, and people are getting scared. Rightly so perhaps. The few that seem to have enough brain cells to figure this all out are vastly outnumbered by the ones that will only realize what’s going on once American Idol is shut off and they are being marched into train cars. It’s not China ‘doing this,’ it’s all part of the plan. China is just playing their role in the whole thing. The few (white) folks at the top are still the ones in command, manipulating the globe to their desires. So all you NASCAR drinking idiots can at least rest assured that you aren’t being destroyed by some minority you hate and fear, but by rich white guys that you somehow believe you can one day be…once your trailer is paid off, right?

Also, are we still bothering to pretend that Obama is some beacon of civil liberties and all that? This should certainly be the final piece of evidence you need to see why that is all fake. Collecting everyone’s DNA that is suspected of a crime (i.e. arrested) and even for traffic stops. Not to invoking Godwin’s law for the heck of it, but this really is way beyond Nazi level control. It just is.

Sean David Morton Financial Psychic

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So, there’s a story about the SEC shutting down a so called financial prophet named Sean David Morton. The name and the face (what a lovely picture with that article huh?) seemed familiar so I checked. Turns out this guy worked the ‘conspiracy circuit’ quite a bit and appeared on George Noory and Alex Jones before.

If you read the story it’s fairly easy to see exactly how and why he fits into the puzzle here. He sounds like several of the same kinds of financial experts you hear regularly on Jones’ show doesn’t he?

I am not saying anything bad, just sayin’…

Argument for the Pro-Healthcare reform camp

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Let’s pretend that all this lovely political theater around the Health Care Reform is true and there really are 2 parties in this country. Protip: there isn’t but for the sake of this piece let’s make believe.

One of the top Republican talking points is the size of the bill, 2400 pages, 2700 pages depending on who you listen to. Whatever, it’s mega huge. Republicans are the ones saying that everyone needs to be able to read this whole thing with a great attention to detail (and that much is true) but let’s flash back to late 2001.

The USA PATRIOT act is introduced as a combination of several different bills already lying around (which that in itself needs to be questioned heavily) and it’s a monster. It was around 2000 pages and it was passed VERY quickly. Critics of the act asked how someone could possibly read all that before it passed and here was the response given.

John Conyers, Jr. was quoted as  saying “We don’t really read most of the bills. Do you know what that would entail if we read every bill that we passed?” Congressman Conyers then answers his own rhetorical question, asserting that if they did it would “slow down the legislative process”. This is taken from Micheal Moore’s Farenheit 911 movie but oft quoted in other media.

Bottom line here is Republicans especially sold this as this is necessary and MUST be passed in order to save lives etc… No we didn’t read it, did you see the size of that thing? But it’s ok, you can trust us!

The message here is : if it’s to institute the erosion of liberties and circumvent the Constitution, Neo Cons and Dems alike will act quickly, without reading it and make that happen. If it’s to help people and give them something, well we have to drag this all through the mud as long as we can.

Now, here in actual reality, the fact is that once this dog and pony show finishes, the American people will be no better off. The insurance companies that pay good money to keep their cash flow coming will still make out like bandits and bleed to working class to death. The real question is how much this will be officially sanctioned and how many more liberties we will lose due to direct government control of health care? The ideas of the GOP scare tactics actually surprised me a bit since the things they were hollering about would really be in the law: death panels, denying care based on arbitrary information, more culling of useless eaters. It’s a great tool (that the people demanded!) to further the goals of the depopulation agenda. They especially love getting people to ask and beg for the tools of their own demise.

Remember these are the folks that continue to roll out plans for more mandatory poisoned vaccinations and more ammonia in the meat you eat. No matter what party you are a part of (if you are still wearing those blinders at all) you have to come to some sort of epiphany here… no politician is looking out for you at all. None. They don’t work for us anymore, haven’t in a very long time. At best, all you can hope for is that the real rulers continue this slow grind of killing us and don’t just pull the trigger on a large scale ‘hurry up and kill the pleebs’ operation.

Corporate Rights

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There was a Supreme Court ruling this week and corporations have had their personal rights upheld as human beings. I can’t really say anything better than Keith Olberman already said on  his show the other day. Sometimes Keith is overly dramatic on less important things, and sometimes he is flat out wrong in his liberal ideas. He has it right this time.

Check the video out here.

It’s true…the gloves are coming off.

Timing of Health Care and Debt Limit reminds me of something…

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The Christmas Eve vote on both of these very important and large bills reminds me of another Christmas bill, although that one was much more secretive but no less dangerous.

The vote I am speaking of is of course the Federal Reserve Act. Do yourselves a favor and seek and watch The Money Masters. It should be every American’s civic duty to see this documentary.

Copenhagen a ‘failure’ carbon prices plummet

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Here’s the story from the Financial Times.

Isn’t this the precise thing you would want to happen right before it’s jammed down everyone’s throats…buy something for pennies on the dollar right before it skyrockets. History has a way of repeating it’s self doesn’t it?

This is the same sort of thing that happened in Britain with the defeat of Napoleon, the Great Depression, the current financial problems (housing especially) and in a microcosm, 9/11.