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Baron Hill to Constituents ‘You don’t tell me how to run my Congressional Office’

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Ok, first the irony of his last comment on the video, priceless.

But seriously, voters of Indiana, vote this dickhead out!

‘You don’t tell me how to run my Congressional Office.’

Uhm, yeah, we do! At least we are supposed to anyway.

So many elected officials these days seem so out of touch with their primary function, to represent the voters that put them into their jobs, that they seem to forget that basic function. Too much they do what they think is best for their voters, not what they ask for. At least that’s the story they give. In reality, they do what’s best for the people that fund their campaigns, the lobbyists that may have something on them, the party line, virtually anyone except for the people in their districts.

This all was illustrated last fall when the first attempt at the bailout was made. People everywhere were calling their congresspersons in huge numbers against the bailout. It actually worked, the first go failed. The media actually took the tone of calling them pussies for listening to their constituents and voting the will of the people in what they called a blatant effort to remain elected.


They work for us, not us for them. That’s not the way it currently works, but it’s the way it’s supposed to have worked.

So blatant, how much do you want to ask for here?


Obama official backpedals on 9/11 Truth Petition

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Van Jones, the ‘Green Jobs Czar’ of President Obama’s administration is now backpedaling on his signature on one of the many investigate 9/11 petitions. He says that the statements of the petition (which are not even that damming) do not reflect his opinions “now or ever.”

Come on, give me a break.

It seems no matter where you turn these days, someone that has stated things, even on video, has later denied ever holding that opinion or saying whatever they said. The really bad part of this is that 99% of the time, the media just says ‘oh, ok…’ and moves on. Why do we not call people on obvious blatant lies anymore? How many times did the Bushites say that Iraq was tied in and assisting al-Qaeda for the 9/11 attacks? It was said many times in video interviews with Cheney, Rice, Bush etc… and they later said not only was there no evidence of that but that they never suggested it. Why wasn’t this seized upon and trumpeted at the time?

The same thing happened with the idea that terrorists using planes to fly into buildings was never considered before 9/11. There were excercises going on that very day using that premise! The infamous Northwoods document from the 60s even had that as a plan. It was a boldfaced lie and everyone knows it,  but the media pretends it didn’t even happen.

Our media is no less state-run than any other country.  We pretend that it isn’t and how nice it is that our media enjoys the freedom to print stories that are critical of our government. The fact is that the media in this country is controlled by a very few companies, of which the head people are all involved with government at high levels. The ‘optimistic’ view of this is that if they printed actual truth or pushed someone with tough questions when it’s obvious they are lying that they would be barred access, cut off from the prestigious assignment in Washington. What might be closer to reality is that the heads of these media companies give marching orders and shape the news to fit what their government handlers tell them to.

It’s fairly well reported and documented that Fox news does just this, and everything that falls under Murdoch’s purview (which is quite a bit) is subject to the same dealings. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS,  all of them really, function the same way, just sometimes they play different sides. It’s one thing to have an outlet for biased reporting and propaganda, but the real power comes in when you get to control the opposition point of view and shape it’s dialogue.

This idea is now running full tilt on the so called alternative news scene as well. Anyone broadcasting some real truth has an element of it as to make it seem outlandish. Whether it’s Alex Jones ranting and raving in a Joker costume or bringing on Speidi to help sexy up NWO news or other hosts giving 90% of a good story and then launching into an outright antisemitic tirade and blaming all Jews for everything,ever.

You have to educate yourself and work on your critical thinking skills to make any sense of this. In America, this is something that the media, the school system and even the food industry works hard on beating out of you from infancy. Read. A lot. Be able to discern when someone is using emotional trigger words to shape your thinking on something. Pay attention and you will soon spot people using neurolinguistic programming techniques and like a magician’s trick, once you know how it works, the magic fades and it doesn’t work on you anymore. The power of words is that they can shape how and what you feel.

Truth, Justice and the American Way. Which one of these things is not like the other?

Army report claims no connection between war stress and violence back home

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The ‘Carson Report’ released Wednesday puts forth the claim that war trauma and stress has no link to increased violence or suicides by soldiers coming back from the Iraq war. This has to be one of the most blatant WTF moments lately.

Soldiers seeing innocents gunned down, detainees tortured and their buddies getting horrifically killed or disfigured have nothing to do with what they do when they come back home. The report is chock full of findings that this is absolute BS but even after reading the report, Army officials say there is no link.

Remember back during the Bush years it was treasonous to say something to the effect of ‘Support our Troops, Bring Them Home?’ This is a testament to how true those words really are. To not want our boys and girls to be blown to bits , have to blow some other kids to bits or otherwise be ruined for life is not an un-Patriotic thing, it’s just the human thing to desire. Sacrificing our children to an Empire-building war for profit is not a Pro-American ideal. It’s often said that our military is great because it is an all volunteer force, but it really isn’t.

We have a de-facto economic draft in this country. The majority of people serving got in due to the wrecked domestic economy and job outlook. If your parents can’t pay for college, you don’t get a scholarship, then you join the military for schooling and a career later. The problem is they don’t tell you that it’s very difficult to get school while enlisted and when you get out, the money they are giving you is no where near what a college education costs. Not that it would do you any good, everyone knows that there are plenty of college grads sitting around with no jobs or working at McDonalds because there are no jobs for them. They have been shipped overseas by greedy corporations looking to increase their margin, assisted by insane government rules that make that option much more attractive or the inability to find suitably trained employees because the public indoctrination school system has made monkeys just smart enough to push the button for their bananas.

Now we have a bunch of returning vets, who did what they were told by criminals, that are psychologically damaged and hooked on various pharmaceuticals for suicide or depression (with side effects being suicide/depression) or alcoholics. The gun laws are already rolling out to make sure Vets do not have legal access to firearms (a CLASSIC example of problem:reaction:solution) because they were made insane by doing the jobs no one else would. The very people that are highly trained with firearms and served their time ‘protecting the rights of Americans’ are having their right stripped away. I guess if a corrupt government wanted to make sure that people that knew how to use them and defend against tyranny did not have guns, this is an ideal way to go about doing that.

Besides, everyone knows that heavy metal music, movies and video games are what cause violence right?

Here is a good Salon article on all this as well

Jury of your peers…

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In America, the pinnacle of our justice system is the ability to be tried by a jury of your peers.

What was once a great and fair system is now just scary as hell. What am I talking about? Let’s look at some real life examples of ‘your peers.’ These are taken from talkback and comment sections of major and majorish news sites.

Not crediting any particular site or story, these are from all over the web as talk-backs to various news stories from places like the Washington Post all the way down (to the bottom) at Infowars. No spelling has been corrected, nothing omitted. These are complete posts as they appeared on the web.

-“Obama is an inexperienced megalomaniac who has an exaggerated opinion of himself. What a dolt. This is what happens when a bunch of morons vote for a community organizer!!”

-“Dear Supreme Ruler, Friday is “Date Night” at the White House. Please bring your Mrs. Ayatollah and we’ll roast a goat, do a little bowling and smoke the Peace Pipe, if you know what I mean. Your BFF, The Annointed One – B Hussain Obama”

-“I can see it now: Dear Ayottolah: I’m sure just hearing from me will make you a different man. I know that peace will now be your number one goal. Next time your in DC with the wife, please drop by the WH for dinner. We can dine on Weezie’s home grown vegetables and then go out for some goat ice cream. Maybe later we can all fly to NY on Air Force One to catch a play or something cool. Looking forward to your vist. Love, Barack Can’t believe it didn’t work!”

-“All you people out there better be careful, because the great Ayatollah Obama knows who you are, and he’s going to get even. Pretty soon he will rank amongst the top Muslim leaders in the world and at that point he will be able to talk to the leaders of Iran, on till then the people will suffer. You have to understand he’s only six months in and he hasn’t established himself yet as one of the top ayatollahs in the world. But have no fear the great Ayatollah Obama is going to fix it for all of us.”

-“Seems to me that this would have been the perfect opportunity for war with Iran. If the USA would have engaged the military with air power the people of Iran would have been able to free themselves. No ground forces would have been needed. A pro west government would have taken over and we could have given them nuclear power so as to eliminate the entire debate over nuclear research….”

-“How come the Washington Times sat on this story until today? It would have been nice if someone would have asked the President about it in yesterday’s press conference. The 4 branch of gov’t is worse than the other 3.”

-“ghetto administration. HOPE he fails…”

-“thousands of telephone poles are destroyed each year by woodpeckers and all we care about is an Inspiration Speech by the president on father’s day….where are our priorities ???”

-“Liberalism is a mental disorder”

-“From the moment President B.O. refused to come clean about his citizenship, we’ve all known he’s a liar…and I hope all of his “messiah complex” followers are pleased. We can never expect the truth from most politicians (or any government officials) these days but remember brothers…it’s all for our own good, safety, security and yada, yada, yada.”

-“Hey I only hire Illeagel Mexican and South American workers – WHY YOU ASK ?



-“yea and your part of the problem only interested in your sucess and no one elses.
I would not hire you to paint my house if you showed up with a truckload mexicans
who cannot even read or write in their own language. I would fire you on the spot and hire an american native whom I could communicate with weather he is black ,white or hispanic makes no difference you are an ignoramous who should leave the country.
PS not all mexicans are that hard working like you say there are plenty of hard working american white boys out there if you pay them a adecent living wage.
Mexicans will work so cheeeeeeep because they have 20 people living in a 2 room shack
and all work for whatever they can get. You should rethink your position cheepskate”

-“gas is up, . soon it will cost too much to goto work which causes job loss. food is up no job means no food which means malnurishment. the govt. rereleases thier super improved swine flu which means the starving people whose imune system is depleated due to starvation will get sick and die which means population reduction. mexico city was a beta test for thier superflu , it only killed a small amount but the WHO said it will be back in a few months stronger then b4.hmm , if that dosent soumd suspicious then nothing does. its not a possible warning its them saying we will improve our new toy and it will be back with a vengeance ,twice as powerful. i would be willing to bet that in the fall the super flying pig virus will be rereleased but in a different place. mexico city was the first testing ground but would be too suspicious if it flared up a second time in the same place”

How do you feel about a jury of your peers now? How about our education system? Taking a look around at people makes me scared as hell. I also would like to point out that these are the smarter than average ones that actually got onto the Internet and posted about something political. These types are typically smarter than average, more educated and more functional in society. Joe Blow in the street or knocking you out of the way at Wal-mart to purchase some cheap Chinese product is generally not as smart as this even.

The system works very well. Scary isn’t it?