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Pics or it didn’t happen

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So the White House is refusing to publish or provide any proof that they ‘got bin Laden’ other than their word, which is literally changing several times a day thus far. He was armed, no one was armed, he used a wife as a shield, his wife is alive and says he was captured and then executed. Here’s the pics of them watching it happen real time, sorry the video was out so this is merely a staged photo to show what it was like, er, would have been like if it had worked. We are releasing photos, we aren’t. Goes on and on.

The idea behind not releasing the photos is that it would appear insensitive and incite more animosity towards the US. All the photos and videos of people literally dancing in the streets, those can stay.

I ask  you, which do you think would piss them off  more? A picture to prove that we did what we said or more regular Americans dancing in the streets and holding signs showing the Statue of Liberty holding OBL’s decapitated head? Pictures of regular citizens rejoicing in the death of a person, any person, really plays as ‘look at those blood thirsty Americans’ across the world.  It just does.

Also, the bigger point here is that we are supposed to be a nation of laws, of fairness and having a judicial system second to none. Now, I know many of you are already laughing, but hang on a moment and indulge me. That is supposed to be the idea of our country, even the most evil gets a fair shake in court, the most unpopular speech is what should be protected by the First Amendment and so on. We are supposed to be the good guys, the shining beacon, blazing the trail on the high road.  So why are we committing, what many newspapers even point right out, an international crime and assassination? Yeah, yeah he was at war with us and he was a commander and we had every right to shoot him as much as we had a right to shoot a Nazi commander etc… I hear those arguments and they really smack of laziness.

Would not the best thing to do would have been to bring him back, keep him in Gitmo under HEAVY guard and then put him on trial? That would have shown the world that America still stands for what we originally said we did. Justice cannot be served correctly unless it takes place under our own accepted rules of crime and punishment. This could have been a major boost in perception of America across the world, here’s the most wanted guy ever really (Take a poll, I bet OBL ranks more evil than Hitler in America) and we took him and prosecuted  him like we would any other criminal, according to our laws and customs. No doubt he would have received the death penalty and would have been found guilty, but we didn’t do that. We just committed what is ‘technically’ an international war crime, but it’s ok we get a pass because he was ‘so bad.’

The REAL thing here is that a trial could never ever have happened, for a couple of reasons.

a. There is NO WAY in hell they would allow him to ever be heard from on American TV because he simply knows about too many skeletons, including himself. Remember, no one is denying it, WE are the ones that initially recruited  him and his band of fighters to battle the evil red dog of the USSR. We made him, gave him guns and training and yes, even a paycheck (like he needed it!) No one wants him to be able to speak. Even the few real videos (since many…most actually since 9/11 were outright admitted fakes) we have to take the translators words for granted since most of us don’t speak Farsi or whatever language he spoke (probably some English since his family does so much business with Haliburton and the Bush family.)

b. He’s been dead for about 9 years now already. They pulled one last big job to blame on  him and then used the hunt for  him (partially) to launch new wars which are good for business and OBL was ok with that, he was about dead by then anyway. There have been many MANY people saying this over the years, and not schmucks on the internet or talk radio hosts only…big people like Madeline Albright, various intelligence officials, various other heads of state in the area, FBI agents and so on. He was known to need a lot of dialysis treatments. That typically means  your life expectancy is significantly shortened. It’s what’s called ‘circling the drain.’ Hard to provide evidence to something that couldn’t have happened anyway.

This is nothing more than a stunt to pull eyes off the still lingering birther debate (which I am sick and tired of) and to keep everyone talking about it. That’s why they are leaving so many loose ends and changing the story. They are going out of their way to make it seem like a badly executed operation. That makes me worried about what we SHOULD be paying attention to right now, cause it isn’t this story I can assure you of that.

The narrow minded people will slam this down with ‘YOU HATE AMERICA!’ and such. No. I love America. What America is supposed to be, but not what it is now which is the equivalent of the Empire. So I guess watch out for Ewoks.


Meet the new boss, EXACTLY the same as the old boss.

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You people do realize that voting between Democrats and Republicans is like voting for Marlboro and Camel right? Both are the same, and both have you pay them high prices in order to kill you. The whole Tea Party movement is even worse: it’s like buying Marlboro or Marlboro Mediums. So far I’ve seen only PBS and Bill Maher pointing out that the Tea Party, which is people fed up with both parties and wanting to eliminate taxes and government control and corporate welfare and bailouts, is being funded by Karl Rove and company. Do you think that Karl Rove, the prototype Neo-Con, really wants LESS government control?

When the Ron Paul campaign showed that there was actually a healthy population of people with Libertarian ideals and really wanting to change the system, the GOP quickly copted, bought out and controlled the movement. You folks that were in on the Paul ‘Revolution’ know now (or you should) how fake it all was and how it was the beginning of making a controlled opposition. Once the Glen Becks and Sarah Palins started jumping on  board, you didn’t see where that was headed?

Politics is professional wrestling, only we the people, the bottom 98% are the only ones that ever end up injured or dead.

Please wake up people! Please! If HALF of the energy that goes into all this fake outrage and hyper ‘partisan’ bickering were put into actually seeing through the outright lies and deception and smoke and mirrors of it all, the people of this country (the world actually) would realize how and why we are being used by that top 2% and we could take them on!

The Death of ‘the Birthers’

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Until yesterday, the right wing media had been either ambivalent or supportive of ‘the birther movement’ but if you are paying attention to what they are saying, they received new talking points yesterday. Now ‘birthers’ are lumped together with 9/11 truthers, moon landing hoaxers and literally ‘flat earthers.’ Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Boortz et. al. (except Lou Dobbs) are now preaching ‘the birthers are insane morons.’

I subscribe to the where there’s smoke, there’s probably fire philosophy. Now that the very people who were pushing it (and you think still would be) are trying to kill it, that just makes it more likely in my book. Many of us have said that perhaps this will be the catalyst for retroactively changing the Constitution to open the door for Ah-nuld. The attempted murder of this story seems to help validate it. Sadly the main pushers of this whole thing are doing it mostly for and because of their racial bias (it’s a very poorly veiled racist thing) and it makes me feel icky to be ‘on their side.’

However it plays out, you can be certain of one thing: it will likely turn out exactly like they wanted to from the beginning.

Please pay attention when watching televison

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So I am watching a few minutes of CBS Morning Show just now. Top story, the economy. The have the Chair of the FDIC in studio. When the anchor speaks her voice is synched to her lips. Every time the FDIC person talks, her audio is just a tiny bit behind her mouth. Well, it’s delay in their transmission right? No, notice I said in the studio. They even had a shot of them both at the same time. Anchor on target, reply to her still in the same shot, FDIC audio is delayed. It was completely obvious. My wife came in and I didn’t say anything to her and told her to pay attention. She said ‘the audio is off’ and then she noticed that it was just for the person they were interviewing. Guess the FDIC woman couldn’t be trusted to stick to the talking points or she isn’t high enough on the totem pole to know what’s really going on. Just insane.

Next story is about an 11 year old that shot and killed (allegedly but “come on you know he did it” tone) his father’s girlfriend (who incidentally looks just a few years older than the 11 year old but nothing is being said about that being creepy or anything.) He is supposed to have shot her with a junior model shotgun he received from his father at Christmas. The story is all about the victims totally insane screaming mother (I cannot fathom the depths of pain from losing a’s unthinkable, but this lady comes off like a freight train of trailer trash crazy) and of course the evil gun shop that sells ‘guns for children!’ Exactly the thing you would expect now that the Dems are running the show again. (Yes, I know neither side runs things, it’s the all the same team but superficially for the national dialogue the media produces these narratives based on current favor) It is a total we gotta outlaw guns piece through and through. Totally emotional and totally lacking asking the real questions. This 11 year old, who had threatened the life of this girlfriend, received a gun for Christmas. Why isn’t the question ‘Why the hell would you buy someone who is making death threats a gun for Christmas?!?!’ What kind of retard does that? I guess maybe the same retard that has an 11 year old son and is banging a 17 year old girl. Perhaps the father was tired of the girl and knew this was a way to get rid of her and it would be ok since the son was so young, he wouldn’t get in trouble? It’s obvious the people involved don’t have too many brain cells to run together so this does sound plausible.

Yes, some folks really aren’t smart enough to be trusted with firearms, BUT we cannot bar everyone from having them due to the lowest common denominator. If that were the case, we should ban cars, and booze, and cigarettes, and toasters and gasoline and fireworks and so on. We cannot make America retard proof. In fact, if anything, guns might help weed out some of the weak genetic stock!

Pay attention to the details when watching any media. Look for the ways they use emotional techniques. They are trying to shape your mind, tell you what to believe. Wake up and pay attention! Do not be swayed by their loaded questions, their images of insanity. Television should be interactive. Use your brain when processing what they are giving you, do not just let it’s hypnotic waves wash over you and let the information in without running it through the filter of common sense and critical judgment.

p.s.  The weak genetic stock is just a joke. Don’t get all riled up about it. I certainly believe in letting everyone live their own lives MUCH more than our rulers do.

But I believe that he will do the right things for us!

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Ok Obama-aid drinkers. Listen up. Your agent of change has already flopped on campaign financing, no lobbyists, windfall taxes, and on and on. All the posts in his administration are being filled by insiders with dirty hands. Worse, the gloves are off and the insane ideas that Clinton tried to push through will probably go through now because of the incredible scope of Bush’s ineptitude. I was already trying to draw attention to the draft ideas that Obama was pushing and to illustrate what I mean from his own people here is a clip of Rahm Emanuel , Obama’s Chief of Staff, telling how everyone 18-25 will become a member of the National Guard MANDATORY.

Guess what folks, Emanuel tried this back with the Clintons, but now he will likely get it. With the ending of the Posse Comitatus act and Northcom’s 20,000 strong domestic battalion, it’s possible that your own kids will be patrolling your streets, making sure no one with a contrary opinion messes anything up for the rest of us.

Remember, service guarantees Citizenship!

Enough with the Birth Certificate crap

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Sore loser Republicans are still moaning about the whole ‘birth certificate-gate’ with Obama. I think that the jury is pretty much in on this on, even though Drudge and others are still pushing it. It really amuses me that they (the GOPs) are trying to cry foul on Constitutional grounds. ‘It’s not just a piece of toilet paper’ etc… Let me remind you that ‘It’s just a goddamn piece of paper’ is a direct quote from your poster boy, super-Christian George W Bush. It was HIS administration that gutted the 4th through 8th amendments, trampled the 1st amendment and took every opportunity to other wise circumvent the natural balance of power, as put forth in those papers you hold so dear like the Constitution. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. If you care about the Constitution, then you cannot be a Bush supporter. Now shut up or put up.

Obama wins, media orgasms

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Well, my left field prediction of McCain stealing the election did not come to pass. And boy, was the press excited about that! I was watching CNN when the call was made and the collection of pundits in their HQ immediately devolved into a bunch of near-weeping bobbleheads. The artfully shot Obama acceptance speech (which was EXACTLY the same, shot for shot on all networks…but of course it wasnt scripted or rehearsed) with Jesse Jackson crying, Oprah crying and so forth was just great. Throngs of people nodding, smiling and chanting ‘yes we can!’ when prompted by Obama was absolutely scary. If he had koolaid in the back, it would have put Jonestown to shame. CNN even said ‘Black Jesus’ on air! In a complimentary way!

Ok, maybe it was just CNN….turn to MSNBC…its even worse. Check in over at Fox news…well yeah they are the same, Karl Rove talking about how McCain dropped the ball and screwed it all up.

America got what it wished for I guess….just wait til we see what we really got though.