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Argument for the Pro-Healthcare reform camp

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Let’s pretend that all this lovely political theater around the Health Care Reform is true and there really are 2 parties in this country. Protip: there isn’t but for the sake of this piece let’s make believe.

One of the top Republican talking points is the size of the bill, 2400 pages, 2700 pages depending on who you listen to. Whatever, it’s mega huge. Republicans are the ones saying that everyone needs to be able to read this whole thing with a great attention to detail (and that much is true) but let’s flash back to late 2001.

The USA PATRIOT act is introduced as a combination of several different bills already lying around (which that in itself needs to be questioned heavily) and it’s a monster. It was around 2000 pages and it was passed VERY quickly. Critics of the act asked how someone could possibly read all that before it passed and here was the response given.

John Conyers, Jr. was quoted as  saying “We don’t really read most of the bills. Do you know what that would entail if we read every bill that we passed?” Congressman Conyers then answers his own rhetorical question, asserting that if they did it would “slow down the legislative process”. This is taken from Micheal Moore’s Farenheit 911 movie but oft quoted in other media.

Bottom line here is Republicans especially sold this as this is necessary and MUST be passed in order to save lives etc… No we didn’t read it, did you see the size of that thing? But it’s ok, you can trust us!

The message here is : if it’s to institute the erosion of liberties and circumvent the Constitution, Neo Cons and Dems alike will act quickly, without reading it and make that happen. If it’s to help people and give them something, well we have to drag this all through the mud as long as we can.

Now, here in actual reality, the fact is that once this dog and pony show finishes, the American people will be no better off. The insurance companies that pay good money to keep their cash flow coming will still make out like bandits and bleed to working class to death. The real question is how much this will be officially sanctioned and how many more liberties we will lose due to direct government control of health care? The ideas of the GOP scare tactics actually surprised me a bit since the things they were hollering about would really be in the law: death panels, denying care based on arbitrary information, more culling of useless eaters. It’s a great tool (that the people demanded!) to further the goals of the depopulation agenda. They especially love getting people to ask and beg for the tools of their own demise.

Remember these are the folks that continue to roll out plans for more mandatory poisoned vaccinations and more ammonia in the meat you eat. No matter what party you are a part of (if you are still wearing those blinders at all) you have to come to some sort of epiphany here… no politician is looking out for you at all. None. They don’t work for us anymore, haven’t in a very long time. At best, all you can hope for is that the real rulers continue this slow grind of killing us and don’t just pull the trigger on a large scale ‘hurry up and kill the pleebs’ operation.


Obama official backpedals on 9/11 Truth Petition

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Van Jones, the ‘Green Jobs Czar’ of President Obama’s administration is now backpedaling on his signature on one of the many investigate 9/11 petitions. He says that the statements of the petition (which are not even that damming) do not reflect his opinions “now or ever.”

Come on, give me a break.

It seems no matter where you turn these days, someone that has stated things, even on video, has later denied ever holding that opinion or saying whatever they said. The really bad part of this is that 99% of the time, the media just says ‘oh, ok…’ and moves on. Why do we not call people on obvious blatant lies anymore? How many times did the Bushites say that Iraq was tied in and assisting al-Qaeda for the 9/11 attacks? It was said many times in video interviews with Cheney, Rice, Bush etc… and they later said not only was there no evidence of that but that they never suggested it. Why wasn’t this seized upon and trumpeted at the time?

The same thing happened with the idea that terrorists using planes to fly into buildings was never considered before 9/11. There were excercises going on that very day using that premise! The infamous Northwoods document from the 60s even had that as a plan. It was a boldfaced lie and everyone knows it,  but the media pretends it didn’t even happen.

Our media is no less state-run than any other country.  We pretend that it isn’t and how nice it is that our media enjoys the freedom to print stories that are critical of our government. The fact is that the media in this country is controlled by a very few companies, of which the head people are all involved with government at high levels. The ‘optimistic’ view of this is that if they printed actual truth or pushed someone with tough questions when it’s obvious they are lying that they would be barred access, cut off from the prestigious assignment in Washington. What might be closer to reality is that the heads of these media companies give marching orders and shape the news to fit what their government handlers tell them to.

It’s fairly well reported and documented that Fox news does just this, and everything that falls under Murdoch’s purview (which is quite a bit) is subject to the same dealings. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS,  all of them really, function the same way, just sometimes they play different sides. It’s one thing to have an outlet for biased reporting and propaganda, but the real power comes in when you get to control the opposition point of view and shape it’s dialogue.

This idea is now running full tilt on the so called alternative news scene as well. Anyone broadcasting some real truth has an element of it as to make it seem outlandish. Whether it’s Alex Jones ranting and raving in a Joker costume or bringing on Speidi to help sexy up NWO news or other hosts giving 90% of a good story and then launching into an outright antisemitic tirade and blaming all Jews for everything,ever.

You have to educate yourself and work on your critical thinking skills to make any sense of this. In America, this is something that the media, the school system and even the food industry works hard on beating out of you from infancy. Read. A lot. Be able to discern when someone is using emotional trigger words to shape your thinking on something. Pay attention and you will soon spot people using neurolinguistic programming techniques and like a magician’s trick, once you know how it works, the magic fades and it doesn’t work on you anymore. The power of words is that they can shape how and what you feel.

Truth, Justice and the American Way. Which one of these things is not like the other?

Soda tax? Whatta laugh

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So one of the ways being considered to pay for our glorious health care system (you know the one that doesn’t exist and probably won’t…thankfully) is to put an excise tax on ‘sugary soft drinks.’ This is being said to exclude diet sodas.

So sugary sodas are a sin worthy of a sin tax, but diet sodas are healthy? That is the implication given by this idea.

Addicted to full flavored sodas? Get ready to pay a surcharge. Everyone else can bombard their system with aspartame, Splenda and all the other ‘healthy’ sweeteners in soft drinks.

I suppose you could just drink water though. Nature’s healthy drink right? Oh…never mind. From fluoride to prescription drugs, our drinking water has been being poisoned for decades.

GMO foods, HFCS and so on. Food is being used as a weapon. Prices and chemical alterations help keep the population under control and poor. Ever wonder why the good food is so expensive? Why is the horrible crap that is irradiated and has loads of chemical treatments and processing so much cheaper from something that is perhaps picked, put in a box ans shipped to your store? Wouldn’t common sense tell you that the less you have to do to something, the cheaper it should be? Because the good food, the healthy stuff is being hoarded for the ‘more worthy.’ Take a look around at the famous people and rich folks you hear about. They always travel with personal chefs in tow and you don’t see them hanging out in Burger King grabbing a Whopper. Think of how much different the ‘real elites’ eat. You know, the ones you DON’T see. They eat well. Eating well these days pretty much just means not eating poison but they eat very very well. All organic, non-modified non-poisoned food. They certainly don’t want us ‘useless eaters’ eating anything healthy. Even at a glance, we are being exploited by trading our health for money. Eat cheaper, have more medical problems, buy more drugs….a nice cycle that makes the upper crust a ton of money. I put forth the idea that it’s not just to bilk us for everything we have, but also a way to thin the heard, which is a much-stated goal of the NWO. The money thing is easy to see and obvious even if someone has a hard time believing the fact that the top 1% want to kill 90% of us. Just enough left to keep them happy and serviced.

But remember, you were given a fake choice and you asked for this.