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Argument for the Pro-Healthcare reform camp

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Let’s pretend that all this lovely political theater around the Health Care Reform is true and there really are 2 parties in this country. Protip: there isn’t but for the sake of this piece let’s make believe.

One of the top Republican talking points is the size of the bill, 2400 pages, 2700 pages depending on who you listen to. Whatever, it’s mega huge. Republicans are the ones saying that everyone needs to be able to read this whole thing with a great attention to detail (and that much is true) but let’s flash back to late 2001.

The USA PATRIOT act is introduced as a combination of several different bills already lying around (which that in itself needs to be questioned heavily) and it’s a monster. It was around 2000 pages and it was passed VERY quickly. Critics of the act asked how someone could possibly read all that before it passed and here was the response given.

John Conyers, Jr. was quoted as  saying “We don’t really read most of the bills. Do you know what that would entail if we read every bill that we passed?” Congressman Conyers then answers his own rhetorical question, asserting that if they did it would “slow down the legislative process”. This is taken from Micheal Moore’s Farenheit 911 movie but oft quoted in other media.

Bottom line here is Republicans especially sold this as this is necessary and MUST be passed in order to save lives etc… No we didn’t read it, did you see the size of that thing? But it’s ok, you can trust us!

The message here is : if it’s to institute the erosion of liberties and circumvent the Constitution, Neo Cons and Dems alike will act quickly, without reading it and make that happen. If it’s to help people and give them something, well we have to drag this all through the mud as long as we can.

Now, here in actual reality, the fact is that once this dog and pony show finishes, the American people will be no better off. The insurance companies that pay good money to keep their cash flow coming will still make out like bandits and bleed to working class to death. The real question is how much this will be officially sanctioned and how many more liberties we will lose due to direct government control of health care? The ideas of the GOP scare tactics actually surprised me a bit since the things they were hollering about would really be in the law: death panels, denying care based on arbitrary information, more culling of useless eaters. It’s a great tool (that the people demanded!) to further the goals of the depopulation agenda. They especially love getting people to ask and beg for the tools of their own demise.

Remember these are the folks that continue to roll out plans for more mandatory poisoned vaccinations and more ammonia in the meat you eat. No matter what party you are a part of (if you are still wearing those blinders at all) you have to come to some sort of epiphany here… no politician is looking out for you at all. None. They don’t work for us anymore, haven’t in a very long time. At best, all you can hope for is that the real rulers continue this slow grind of killing us and don’t just pull the trigger on a large scale ‘hurry up and kill the pleebs’ operation.


Timing of Health Care and Debt Limit reminds me of something…

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The Christmas Eve vote on both of these very important and large bills reminds me of another Christmas bill, although that one was much more secretive but no less dangerous.

The vote I am speaking of is of course the Federal Reserve Act. Do yourselves a favor and seek and watch The Money Masters. It should be every American’s civic duty to see this documentary.

Low Income Babies

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Now, yes, it does seem a bit like a ‘wow…just wow’ moment but it’s kind of a valid point.

It is not really asked correctly, but why is it really that the very same people that bitch the loudest about having to pay for ‘all these poor people having kids all the time’ are the very ones that want to make sure that abortion is illegal?

The real answer is this:

They want to keep those babies poor and under the system. They want them to grow up to be 18, have no real future and to join the military. Then they can use them as cannon fodder so that their kids don’t have to fight the illegal and immoral wars. Don’t kill your kids, we want to do that for you when they grow up!

That’s why the system is rigged in such a way that if you are middling, you are constantly being forced downward. If you are down, you are kept forced down. Even better if we can lay a guilt trip on you and make you feel bad for being in that position. It’s called control and the system that has been running in the US for the past 150 years or so has worked wonderfully. You have a large portion of your population poor and uneducated and the middle educated just enough to keep pushing their buttons and chasing the carrot dangled in front of them.

It’s not just the financial system, the education system, the food supply, the medical industry, racism, religion, the mind controlling media, the fake 2 party illusion of choice…it’s all of these working like a giant machine, keeping the populace fat, dumb and unhappy.

Yeah Cigna is bad, but what about the hospitals?

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You may have already heard about this highly publicized story about a woman whose daughter died while waiting for a transplant because Cigna denied to cover the operation. The lady went to Cigna and wanted an apology and employees literally gave her the finger. This story illustrates the evil nature of the insurance companies.

I have one little question though…

Why aren’t people talking about the doctors here? The insurance said they wouldn’t pay, and the girl died because the answer to reverse the denial came too late. Why the hell didn’t the doctors say to themselves ‘you know, we have the liver lying right here, why not just save this little girl and figure out who pays for it later?’ I know that when I say doctors here I am really meaning the hospital administration that told the doctors to not do that. The real thing here is that the insurance companies have so much unchecked power and the costs are so astronomical that hospitals regularly do the wrong thing (to protect their shareholders) because they are afraid they might lose money on the deal. So what if a 17 year old girl dies? At least the shareholders get to keep their Mercedes.

It’s probably going to be impossible to change, not without a total reboot. It’s really the whole system here. The American Way has shown that we can make a lot of money really fast for doing not much of anything. It also shows that greed and fear of losing money makes people do the most evil shit possible. Take greed out of the equation. Make medicine a non profit enterprise. That’s the only way people will do the right thing and make it so greed and paralysis on the part of caregivers (hard to believe they call themselves that with a straight face still) doesn’t kill little girls. Or grandmas. Or you.

Swine Flu ‘News’ is propaganda, but you already knew that right?

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Here is a perfect example. Headline reads Health Care workers worry about swine flu vaccination. Going into it, that sounds a like it’s a story on the worries of the safety of these shots and the mandatory administering of it to health care personnel around the country, under threat of unemployment. Turns out it’s a whine about how tired people are going to be for having to give so many shots and the increase in workloads all the fear mongering is causing. However, the real intent is a push for nationalized health care. Here is the quote that illustrates the real idea behind this particular story:

“We do not have the resources we need and we haven’t for a while,” Dr Jeffrey Duchin of Public Health in Seattle & King County and the University of Washington said in an interview.

“The problem is we don’t have a coordinated healthcare system in this country. We don’t have a national framework that allows these interventions.”

How much more obvious can they possibly be? Also noted in the article is how the US government is the one paying for all these vaccinations that are being produced right now. The invented crisis already has it’s savior and we are lining the pockets of the big pharma companies to sell us poisoned, un-needed vaccinations. Now when anti-national health care critics talk, pro-reformers can say ‘You didn’t have a problem with us running the successful vaccination program.’ Critics cannot say anything about it before hand, because to do so would put them in the same camp as the tin foil hat truthers screaming about the vaccinations already. It’s all very well crafted, but totally obvious if you are paying attention.

The narrative that is being created is that the swine flu is super deadly (it isn’t) and our old health care system is not equipped to deal with it (uh…the whole thing is unnecessary.) The swine flu shots are as safe as the regular flu shots (which is to say not very) and even before it starts, all of the adverse reaction reports that are going to be received are from hypochondriacs and people trying to draw connections that aren’t there.

This is  how it’s going to be because it’s on tv and that’s what the news says is happening.

UN tries to shake down ‘rich countries’ and it will work too!

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The U.N. and WHO  are asking for £900 Million (it’s a British article) to help stop the pandemic of swine flu from causing anarchy in the poorest countries in the world and killing millions.

What a load of horseshit.

This is nothing more than an opportunity for them to ride a media hype machine to shake down ‘rich countries’ (and the U.S. is NOT rich folks…we are broke) to get some monies flowing into the corrupt warlord regimes in Africa and other countries. Besides, I would rather not see those poor folks that can barely eat be bombarded with even less controlled vaccines and medicines. These same poor countries are the same ones that get the even more dangerous and tainted drugs dumped on them all the time. They don’t need to take these poisons to fight off nothing more than a new strain of flu any more than Americans do.

This is not The Stand. It’s just a flu. It’s no more dangerous than regular flu. Don’t take my word for it, there are plenty of doctors out there that have been saying the same thing. Of course there are plenty of doctors that are also telling you it’s the worst thing since polio (and the vaccines for that worked out so well…with the pandemic of cancer caused by it…a real scary pandemic that IS killing people that it should not have.) You have to investigate yourself and see which ones are telling you the truth. The plain fact is that many doctors, especially media spokesperson types, are on the take from Big Pharma and will push for new drugs as they come out for kickbacks. That’s not a conspiracy, it’s just the way it is. From low level drug company reps supplying free samples and free lunches all the way up to large donations to political campaigns (see Rick Perry and the Gardasil deal,) that’s the way this operates.

So now, instead of actually helping these countries with things they need, we will end up paying through the nose to the vaccine makers to supply these folks with poison. Even if the vaccines (and I think I have been very clear that they will not)  did help, very little money would actually be used for altruistic purposes anyway. The majority would line the pockets of their corrupt governments and help fund people not at all friendly to ‘western interests.’

Well, the president will see through all that and not pay right? Obama is a good and truthful man that has the little peoples’ best interests at heart right?

Oh…he’s on radio saying that he wants to make sure that the finances of the entire globe are rolled together and have tighter controls…like America’s. Well, since all the exact same people that caused the Depression we are in are the ones that will be doing that… I guess there goes the whole Obama is going to fix it all idea. Obama wants to protect consumers from credit card companies raping them. They tried that already and ended up making some minor changes and left the real bad loopholes and total ball smashing powers of credit card companies intact. Without a ceiling of interest rates, there’s nothing stopping CC companies from charging 60% interest if they wanted to. There are many companies out there in the ‘pay day loans’ market that charge over 100% interest and it’s legal (on state by state basis…no federal guidelines) to do so. The powers that be all cry about predatory lending on housing and yet there are just plain loan sharks out there, advertising with huge signs all over the place. Here in Missouri they are very well saturated, mostly because the state laws let them get away with murder. No, this isn’t sour grapes because I got burned, I have enough sense to not get mixed up with those places, but most folks that are using them are the ones just barely getting by. To then be virtually enslaved by these predatory lenders with outrageous deals is just insane.  That how finance works here though. Those who need it pay WAY more and get into worse spots by the only available routes for them to do so and those who don’t need it pay 2% interest or even 0% interest. I know it’s a risk management strategy I get that. I know why it works that way, but to take a risky investment and do all you can to make it riskier is not the way to fix it. Either shut it off or level the playing field a bit, don’t rook people.

This line of thought leads only to one place: eventually, through attrition, all consumers cannot purchase any goods and the wheels of consumerism grind to a halt. Then the few conglomerates left with all the money and all the property have it all and no one can get it from them. This sounds reasonable if you are at the top, but do you really want to destroy everyone beneath you?

What the hell am I thinking, of course they do. That’s been the plan all along. Working beautifully guys!

News at a glance

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Poland says U.S. betrayed them. With Obama’s backpedaling on the missile shield we now have slightly better ties to Russia and Poland thinks we left them dangling. This is mostly true. Poland is probably rather (rightly) upset about once again being a pawn in the larger chess game of the big boys. Nothing like making a new melting pot of people pissed at the U.S. Of course, what do we need to fear from Polack terrorists? (It’s just a joke guys, don’t get all riled up.)

Pelosi says all this partisan vitriol will lead to violence. No shit. That’s what I have been saying for months. Of course, it would mean something if it were said by someone that had a shred of dignity or compassion or someone that wasn’t helping fan the flames herself. She is probably the most senior official to invoke the Nazi label for her opponents (her constituents really, but that’s how the majority see their people…enemies.) What did this act do for the debate? Gave the opposition something new to go on about. Way to add to the problem Nancy! Also, FYI, don’t try to convey emotion. Your face just can’t handle it. Pelosi is safe in all this anyway…it’s really hard to drop a house on somebody.

Now both houses have decided to defund ACORN, making the GOP happy to no end. Indeed, the videos show what a swell group they are. The CEO of ACORN has been all over friendly TV, saying how they are going to sue the undercover team and Fox News. I am not sure why she is trying to spin good for child prostitution enablers. On the other hand, one of the videos Hannity and co are running up the pole (the one with the guy talking about smuggling through TJ) doesn’t really seem to say what they are saying it says. The guy in that video says he knows the DA and cops. If you watch that one, they guy seems to be less promising to help them and more trying to gather info to pass along to the right people to stop them. I think that one might be being taken out of context. The others though…no defending that. Why anyone is voting to not de-fund them is just beyond belief. I guess they figure it will blow over or somehow it will all be proven false. Bad gamble to make I think. If I were in those districts, I would be voting for nearly anyone to get those idiots out of office. Also, by the way, anyone that believes that this whole thing was engineered by two 20-somethings out of patriotism and love for country…I have a bridge to sell you. This whole thing has been engineered by at least Breitbart and Fox News, maybe even higher up the GOP chain (and yes, Fox News is indeed part of that chain.)

Obama says ‘legalize illegals so they can get healthcare.’ Wow, so Joe Wilson turned out to be right? Way to shoot yourself in the foot Mr. President. Coming out a week later and saying exactly what your critics across the aisle just warned about…just wow. BUT, remember GOP chest thumpers, your boy Bush was all about getting amnesty for illegals. He was from Texas and carried that sentiment with him. He never got much done on it, but did help lay some important groundwork for the North American Union that would have made (will make) the question of illegals in the U.S. a moot point anyway. I know it’s hard but you have to remember that we have video records of things these days and they will end up on the internets to show how ridiculous you sound when doing a 180 from your previous positions. Like here, even from Fox News.