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Corporate Rights

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There was a Supreme Court ruling this week and corporations have had their personal rights upheld as human beings. I can’t really say anything better than Keith Olberman already said on  his show the other day. Sometimes Keith is overly dramatic on less important things, and sometimes he is flat out wrong in his liberal ideas. He has it right this time.

Check the video out here.

It’s true…the gloves are coming off.


FCC siding with Net Neutrality YAY…oh wait NOOOOOO!

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The FCC seems to be on the verge of making some regulations that prevent network companies from blocking or limiting usage for ‘competing services.’ Things like AT&T blocking Skype because it’s a competitor. That sounds great right?


This will force service providers to cap bandwidth and return us to the early days of AOL type plans. $x per minute or GB transfer. The people out there that use Netflix or play online games or yes, even those pirating movies from the net will now all the sudden have their bill skyrocket because they stayed on too long.  How would you like to receive a $400 internet bill for one month because one of your children stayed up all night playing Halo on Xbox Live? That’s what will happen here.

If we want to have some highly funded government program, why not one that puts into place a data infrastructure that can keep up with today’s online all the time world? People will cry (and rightly so) that would lead to government being able to see what everyone is doing all the time. Guess what folks, they already can.  (Research Carnivore or also the whistleblowers that helped out the Bush regime’s data collection programs)They have and will continue to do that no matter what we end up having to pay for it.

Let’s get folks trained in this stuff, have a data revolution and make some jobs putting all this in. It will lead to us having a smarter workforce, better infrastructure and even eventually making broadband limitless for everyone. This is one of those times that maybe we need to say ‘they have us over a barrel anyway, might as well get something out of it.’  I mean, I would like real neutrality, like just stay the hell out of our online way, but it’s pretty clear that the days of the Old West for the internet (much to my chagrin) are coming to an end fairly soon.