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It’s all in the details.

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Here is a news story from AP that is about NATO troops killing someone we let go back over to Afghanistan. The idea you are supposed to take away from all that is ‘see we need Gitmo cause otherwise they are back to trying to kill us.’  The Pentagon is quoted in the article as saying that about 11% of those released go back ‘on duty’ being a terrorist. Let’s think about that for a second here. We already know that within our own prison system, which is the largest in the world by far, people that are sent up and then released, come out a better, hardened and more connected criminal, especially if they were sent there for small drug charges that carry long sentences. Go in because you had a bag of weed on you, come out a connected gang thug who’s had nothing better to do than lift weights and make connections with nasty people in order to stay alive.

Taken that we know that is how that works, if only 11% of Gitmo people released are ‘coming after us’ then we are doing pretty good. Repeat offenders from our general prison system are much higher than that. Here is what Wiki says about our general prison system:

A 2002 study survey showed that among nearly 275,000 prisoners released in 1994, 67.5% were rearrested within 3 years, and 51.8% were back in prison

So 11% vs 67.5%

We should be happy about that 11% shouldn’t we, since we also know that a stay in Gitmo is ,in a different way perhaps than ‘normal’ prisons, a very difficult place to be. Especially if they think you have some info. It’s a wonder to me that it’s not more like 80%+ immediately wanting to strike back at the country that locked them up, rendered them here secretly and tortured them.

There are only 2 conclusions I can come to about these numbers. Either only about 11% (or less even given the ‘conversion syndrome’) of Gitmo prisoners are/were actually terrorists (this is probably true…the real ones were escorted away and we rounded up sheep herders for the most part) or the Pentagon is lying about their numbers (which, again is also most likely true.)

If they want to scare us, they could have given us a higher number than 11%, compared to our normal prison turnover. It seems like they are going for numbers that show that we still need it and by golly it works much better than normal prison. Would we have a better prison system, with less turnover if everywhere was like Gitmo? That’s not an impossible sounding suggestion, given that they go on morning talk shows and say things like ‘The U.S. can never default, we can just print more money to cover the debt.’ Can’t you hear GOP candidates and their PR people on Fox news saying exactly this? They come on and say things like ‘it’s good that China uses lead in toys, it keeps costs down and that’s good for us.’ *Don’t believe me, look it up.* What I said is no less stupefyingly crazy but plausible.

But the real nugget of info in that entire article describes how they caught the repeat offender in the first place. Here is the  nugget, straight from the article:

He was captured in August 2002 while attending a meeting with U.S. military officials in Asadabad and transferred to the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay in October that same year. He was suspected of helping carry out rocket attacks against U.S. troops.

In bold is the key part. If this guy was al-Qaida why and for what purpose would he be ‘meeting’ with US military officials? That very much sounds like during a normal thing that happens, officials meeting with al-Qaida members they decided to double cross and nab him. Taken by itself, there are plenty of innocuous reasons why this happened this way, but the totality of this with other stories we already know, like bin-Laden meeting with CIA officials numerous times, even being treated in U.S. controlled hospitals months before 9/11 (and well after the Cole bombings…i.e. we were already ‘after him.’ NATO using al-Qaida right now against Khadafi. Iraq officials meeting with and getting a green light to invade Kuwait. 9/11 terrorists being trained at Pensacola Naval Air Station. The underpants gnome bomber being escorted onto the plane by officials. The FBI providing the bomb for the 93 WTC attack. It’s cumulative. And pretty definitive. These aren’t wacky theories, they were all reported by the news when they happened. And never retracted, just swept under the rug and never followed up on.

This is what we military folks call SIGINT. Signal Intelligence. You must have everything cleared lest you let enough tiny pieces of info out in various ways or sources that allows the enemy to put together the pieces and figure out more than they should know. They don’t even care anymore and I truly think they do this sort of thing to frighten those that are able to see things for how they are, i.e. those of us that haven’t had critical thinking skill beaten out of us by the education system, the absolute crap that is our food supply, the never ending march of talking media heads and mind numbingly stupid television programs that people, especially younger ones watch, huge personal investments of emotion of sporting events, increasingly mandatory vaccinations laced with toxins… the list goes on and on. They run the game and it’s SO pervasive that there is no escaping it. Even those of us that can see it, most can not drop off the grid and take care of ourselves, almost pioneer style because we are shackled by the system. We can see it, but that doesn’t mean we can escape it.

Stories like this (this one in particular looks like it was drafted by the intelligence community and released to AP…as so many do and are) operate on so many levels. Terrorism bad, Gitmo good. Gitmo works better than regular prisons, maybe we should expand it’s policies. Tiny tidbits that should leap out at people like ‘Why would a terrorist be meeting with our military? Wouldn’t that be dangerous as hell for either side?’ They know a tiny part of the populace that read this will ever pick up on it, and for the most part it’s people that already know what’s ‘really going on.’ So it’s a noserub job. Ha ha, we can outright say this and no one will even care! That’s the scariest part, is that nope…hardly anyone does.


Pics or it didn’t happen

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So the White House is refusing to publish or provide any proof that they ‘got bin Laden’ other than their word, which is literally changing several times a day thus far. He was armed, no one was armed, he used a wife as a shield, his wife is alive and says he was captured and then executed. Here’s the pics of them watching it happen real time, sorry the video was out so this is merely a staged photo to show what it was like, er, would have been like if it had worked. We are releasing photos, we aren’t. Goes on and on.

The idea behind not releasing the photos is that it would appear insensitive and incite more animosity towards the US. All the photos and videos of people literally dancing in the streets, those can stay.

I ask  you, which do you think would piss them off  more? A picture to prove that we did what we said or more regular Americans dancing in the streets and holding signs showing the Statue of Liberty holding OBL’s decapitated head? Pictures of regular citizens rejoicing in the death of a person, any person, really plays as ‘look at those blood thirsty Americans’ across the world.  It just does.

Also, the bigger point here is that we are supposed to be a nation of laws, of fairness and having a judicial system second to none. Now, I know many of you are already laughing, but hang on a moment and indulge me. That is supposed to be the idea of our country, even the most evil gets a fair shake in court, the most unpopular speech is what should be protected by the First Amendment and so on. We are supposed to be the good guys, the shining beacon, blazing the trail on the high road.  So why are we committing, what many newspapers even point right out, an international crime and assassination? Yeah, yeah he was at war with us and he was a commander and we had every right to shoot him as much as we had a right to shoot a Nazi commander etc… I hear those arguments and they really smack of laziness.

Would not the best thing to do would have been to bring him back, keep him in Gitmo under HEAVY guard and then put him on trial? That would have shown the world that America still stands for what we originally said we did. Justice cannot be served correctly unless it takes place under our own accepted rules of crime and punishment. This could have been a major boost in perception of America across the world, here’s the most wanted guy ever really (Take a poll, I bet OBL ranks more evil than Hitler in America) and we took him and prosecuted  him like we would any other criminal, according to our laws and customs. No doubt he would have received the death penalty and would have been found guilty, but we didn’t do that. We just committed what is ‘technically’ an international war crime, but it’s ok we get a pass because he was ‘so bad.’

The REAL thing here is that a trial could never ever have happened, for a couple of reasons.

a. There is NO WAY in hell they would allow him to ever be heard from on American TV because he simply knows about too many skeletons, including himself. Remember, no one is denying it, WE are the ones that initially recruited  him and his band of fighters to battle the evil red dog of the USSR. We made him, gave him guns and training and yes, even a paycheck (like he needed it!) No one wants him to be able to speak. Even the few real videos (since many…most actually since 9/11 were outright admitted fakes) we have to take the translators words for granted since most of us don’t speak Farsi or whatever language he spoke (probably some English since his family does so much business with Haliburton and the Bush family.)

b. He’s been dead for about 9 years now already. They pulled one last big job to blame on  him and then used the hunt for  him (partially) to launch new wars which are good for business and OBL was ok with that, he was about dead by then anyway. There have been many MANY people saying this over the years, and not schmucks on the internet or talk radio hosts only…big people like Madeline Albright, various intelligence officials, various other heads of state in the area, FBI agents and so on. He was known to need a lot of dialysis treatments. That typically means  your life expectancy is significantly shortened. It’s what’s called ‘circling the drain.’ Hard to provide evidence to something that couldn’t have happened anyway.

This is nothing more than a stunt to pull eyes off the still lingering birther debate (which I am sick and tired of) and to keep everyone talking about it. That’s why they are leaving so many loose ends and changing the story. They are going out of their way to make it seem like a badly executed operation. That makes me worried about what we SHOULD be paying attention to right now, cause it isn’t this story I can assure you of that.

The narrow minded people will slam this down with ‘YOU HATE AMERICA!’ and such. No. I love America. What America is supposed to be, but not what it is now which is the equivalent of the Empire. So I guess watch out for Ewoks.

Meet the new boss, EXACTLY the same as the old boss.

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You people do realize that voting between Democrats and Republicans is like voting for Marlboro and Camel right? Both are the same, and both have you pay them high prices in order to kill you. The whole Tea Party movement is even worse: it’s like buying Marlboro or Marlboro Mediums. So far I’ve seen only PBS and Bill Maher pointing out that the Tea Party, which is people fed up with both parties and wanting to eliminate taxes and government control and corporate welfare and bailouts, is being funded by Karl Rove and company. Do you think that Karl Rove, the prototype Neo-Con, really wants LESS government control?

When the Ron Paul campaign showed that there was actually a healthy population of people with Libertarian ideals and really wanting to change the system, the GOP quickly copted, bought out and controlled the movement. You folks that were in on the Paul ‘Revolution’ know now (or you should) how fake it all was and how it was the beginning of making a controlled opposition. Once the Glen Becks and Sarah Palins started jumping on  board, you didn’t see where that was headed?

Politics is professional wrestling, only we the people, the bottom 98% are the only ones that ever end up injured or dead.

Please wake up people! Please! If HALF of the energy that goes into all this fake outrage and hyper ‘partisan’ bickering were put into actually seeing through the outright lies and deception and smoke and mirrors of it all, the people of this country (the world actually) would realize how and why we are being used by that top 2% and we could take them on!

The China Symdrome

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No, not a nuclear meltdown, but the financial nuke China holds over the US.

Paul Krugman has a new editorial stating, basically, that we have China over a barrel and not the other way around. Here is the part of the article where the faulty reasoning shines through:

It’s true that if China dumped its U.S. assets the value of the dollar would fall against other major currencies, such as the euro. But that would be a good thing for the United States, since it would make our goods more competitive and reduce our trade deficit. On the other hand, it would be a bad thing for China, which would suffer large losses on its dollar holdings. In short, right now America has China over a barrel, not the other way around.

Our dollar is already very weak against other currencies. Making it weaker (by trying to outprint China) will only make it worse. The proposed upside here, that our exports would be worth more would mean something if we still actually made anything. Corporate America has spent decades shipping all the manufacturing jobs overseas (a bunch to China in fact) to turn us more into a consuming society rather than a producing society.

The problem is obvious, the answers aren’t. We have been engineered to be bled dry and now that the turnip is out of blood, and people are getting scared. Rightly so perhaps. The few that seem to have enough brain cells to figure this all out are vastly outnumbered by the ones that will only realize what’s going on once American Idol is shut off and they are being marched into train cars. It’s not China ‘doing this,’ it’s all part of the plan. China is just playing their role in the whole thing. The few (white) folks at the top are still the ones in command, manipulating the globe to their desires. So all you NASCAR drinking idiots can at least rest assured that you aren’t being destroyed by some minority you hate and fear, but by rich white guys that you somehow believe you can one day be…once your trailer is paid off, right?

Also, are we still bothering to pretend that Obama is some beacon of civil liberties and all that? This should certainly be the final piece of evidence you need to see why that is all fake. Collecting everyone’s DNA that is suspected of a crime (i.e. arrested) and even for traffic stops. Not to invoking Godwin’s law for the heck of it, but this really is way beyond Nazi level control. It just is.

Argument for the Pro-Healthcare reform camp

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Let’s pretend that all this lovely political theater around the Health Care Reform is true and there really are 2 parties in this country. Protip: there isn’t but for the sake of this piece let’s make believe.

One of the top Republican talking points is the size of the bill, 2400 pages, 2700 pages depending on who you listen to. Whatever, it’s mega huge. Republicans are the ones saying that everyone needs to be able to read this whole thing with a great attention to detail (and that much is true) but let’s flash back to late 2001.

The USA PATRIOT act is introduced as a combination of several different bills already lying around (which that in itself needs to be questioned heavily) and it’s a monster. It was around 2000 pages and it was passed VERY quickly. Critics of the act asked how someone could possibly read all that before it passed and here was the response given.

John Conyers, Jr. was quoted as  saying “We don’t really read most of the bills. Do you know what that would entail if we read every bill that we passed?” Congressman Conyers then answers his own rhetorical question, asserting that if they did it would “slow down the legislative process”. This is taken from Micheal Moore’s Farenheit 911 movie but oft quoted in other media.

Bottom line here is Republicans especially sold this as this is necessary and MUST be passed in order to save lives etc… No we didn’t read it, did you see the size of that thing? But it’s ok, you can trust us!

The message here is : if it’s to institute the erosion of liberties and circumvent the Constitution, Neo Cons and Dems alike will act quickly, without reading it and make that happen. If it’s to help people and give them something, well we have to drag this all through the mud as long as we can.

Now, here in actual reality, the fact is that once this dog and pony show finishes, the American people will be no better off. The insurance companies that pay good money to keep their cash flow coming will still make out like bandits and bleed to working class to death. The real question is how much this will be officially sanctioned and how many more liberties we will lose due to direct government control of health care? The ideas of the GOP scare tactics actually surprised me a bit since the things they were hollering about would really be in the law: death panels, denying care based on arbitrary information, more culling of useless eaters. It’s a great tool (that the people demanded!) to further the goals of the depopulation agenda. They especially love getting people to ask and beg for the tools of their own demise.

Remember these are the folks that continue to roll out plans for more mandatory poisoned vaccinations and more ammonia in the meat you eat. No matter what party you are a part of (if you are still wearing those blinders at all) you have to come to some sort of epiphany here… no politician is looking out for you at all. None. They don’t work for us anymore, haven’t in a very long time. At best, all you can hope for is that the real rulers continue this slow grind of killing us and don’t just pull the trigger on a large scale ‘hurry up and kill the pleebs’ operation.

New(?) Face of the GOP: Ron Paul

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If you came here expecting a pro-Paul tirade…move along. Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll. Fox News is trying to downplay that win after hyping the convention as the second coming of Christ.

I have given money to his campaign, stood on the road holding signs freezing, getting hassled by cops for holding those signs etc…

I would not do any of it again. I had rose colored glasses on, and believed that there could be an honest politician. I was proven wrong. Not just the gut feeling that Dr Paul’s campaign was being run by obvious retards, not pushing the offensive when word of mouth was going in his favor, not using all the money he raised effectively , ever playing ‘the nice guy’ when pushed…

Fox News is (publicly) scrambling and acting like they don’t like Ron Paul, all the while promoting the ‘Tea Party’ movement as ‘the public groundswell’, once it was co-opted by the Beck’s and Palin’s and such. They forget that the original Tea Partiers are the same group as Ron Paul supporters. They also don’t like him, but have him on all the time to discuss the financial meltdown and how badly Obama is doing (even though all Obama is doing is continuing the same thing that Bush was.)

The bottom line here is Ron Paul is the same old thing in another package. Ron Paul did not vote to repeal the Warner Defense Act (that got rid of posse comitatus) and also is backing hardline ‘Neo-Cons’ in Texas due to an agreement with the GOP that he would back incumbent Republicans no matter his ideals. Now I know that diplomacy and moderation are big tent poles of Paul’s ideals, but to take the money and run and then let his actions show that when rubber meets the road, those ideals of his are subject to barter… it’s the same old thing that we always see.

If you are going to judge a guy on his fruits…then do that. Don’t ignore things that are happening RIGHT NOW that show that he’s not all he’s cracked up to be.

Hey, if nothing else, remember he is hugely pushed by Alex Jones and …well… that is enough for me to withdraw support.

Alex Jones Rally Crasher Details

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I was able to research the Alex Jones rally crashing this weekend and here some more details.

The rally was being arranged by a group called Texans for Accountability in Government. 2 of the main coordinators were John Bush and Catherine Bleish. The man speaking when Alex arrives is John and the girl that ‘has a hard on’ for Alex is Catherine. They were (more on that in a second) on the Rule of Law radio network, out of Austin.

Their first show back after this rally, they simply called a spade a spade and Rule of Law radio first killed the archive of this show on their site and then cancelled the show, citing a clause in the contract that says to not trash or otherwise call out any other host that runs on that radio station. Guess who’s show is on that station?

This isn’t the first time Alex has had a show yanked on his insistence. Jack Blood’s show was killed the same way from GCN as was Jeff Rense’s. How many more ‘lesser celebs’ does he have to bulldoze before people see that he is doing nothing less than pulling  a Glenn Beck in the ‘patriot community?’

Alex never passes up a chance to proclaim himself ‘tip of the spear’ of the truth movement nor to loudly proclaim some minor feat (that he generally fakes or pays for  himself.) I cannot find the link right now, but it was proven that one of the ‘see here it is in the AP!’ newstories that was backing up some outrageous claim of his (of being mentioned by AP pretty much) was released by them and paid for by them to run in the AP wires. A tactic that he (rightly so) slammed as nothing more than evil when the Bush White House was doing it.

There are still scores of AlexDrones out there who defend and believe anything he says is true. Even if he is provably double sided on all of his ‘predictions.’ The swine flu deal was the easiest to see, however he is busy talking out of both sides of his mouth about the Austin IRS Crasher. He goes on air and whines and bitches because Glenn Beck (who is running the exact same gameplan) is so much further ahead than him in his money making/media coverage than him. He literally said that the other day on air ‘Glenn Beck is copying me…IT MAKES ME MAD!’ Really, he did. I am not making this all up, it’s right there in his archives, go listen. He has taken recently to raging about Glenn Beck and then changing his tone to a weepy, I’m just so sad tone. Juxtapose that with Beck’s famous on air tears… it really IS the same program.

The nice folks that got steamrolled, the Rise Up Radio folks, are just the latest victims in the strong arm tactics of Alex Jones’ Truth Express. I will be posting the infamous censored broadcast where they explain what happened (backed 100% by video, some of which you can see in my last posting) and then Alex’s version of the story that doesn’t match the video at all.

If you are truly awake, and have the elusive discernment that Jones preaches about but says he is the only one who possesses it, then use some of that and see Alex Jones and GCN for what they are: COINTELPRO agents who are laughing all the way to the bank while keeping you pacified with some of the truth.