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Log Cabin Republicans Having a Field Day I Guess

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There has been a scandal brewing among ‘conservative’ bloggers about Fistgate. Obama’s School Czar, an out homosexual, apparently read nasty child porn to all his students or something to that effect. Bloggers, primarily on Andrew Breibart’s sites, have been taking great joy of posting page after page of excerpts of these porn stories for a while. So that people can be incensed by what they were ‘pushing.’  Give me a friggin break…

Uhm….why the need for pages and pages of this stuff though? Couldn’t you put a paragraph or two (edited) up and get the point across? By reprinting the nastiest parts, all you are doing is having another medium for kids to read it. But we all know it’s not really kids reading it. It’s all the conservatives that now can read kiddie porn on sites that don’t stick out in their internet histories.

There’s really no other way to explain why the sheer amount of it is being posted there and linked right off of Drudge’s site. It’s the same mentality of  ‘this tastes terrible…try some!’ and then drinking a whole bottle.

And by the way, if you are worried about kids reading it…remember it was on a recommended reading list. How many kids read anything anymore (that doesn’t have sparkly vampires or wizards anyway.) The ones that want to read this (the ones making these posts for instance) can find this easily enough on their own.

Hypocrites can be hypocritical sometimes…

My ‘talk back’ calling them out mysteriously didn’t make it past their staff but take a look at some of their posts they did let through. Kind of make my point for me.

  • Whoever writes this sort of insane sex fiction is a sex addict and mentally ill. Only the deranged could read more than a sentence or two. To force this on kids is beyond sociopathy. We must force these Marcusian sexual liberationists out of our schools, and pull our kids out until they are all gone.
  • Guest – December 17th, 2009 at 8:31 pm
    I totally agree. When is enough enough!
  • Steve Adams – December 17th, 2009 at 8:50 pm
    Let’s just come out and say it: homosexuals are out to recruit your children into the world of homosexual sex. They want to drag your adolescent sons into dirty rest rooms. They want to pervert your children’s minds into thinking that whatever perverted sex acts they can dream up, go for it. They have no place near our schools, and for certain no place in the government. Especially in organizations that have anything to do with our children.
  • rckmom – December 17th, 2009 at 8:59 pm
    I put this stuff all over my facebook page!!! Get the word out as best you can!!!
  • Barry – December 17th, 2009 at 9:11 pm
    patently disgusting and inappropriate material to be in the public school system and this can be traced right back to the baby boomer DE-generation and their SELF ABSORBTION.
  • ladynacat – December 17th, 2009 at 10:06 pm
    The crap we’re discussing cannot even come close to be compared to the Bible. And young minds are not given explicit, disgusting details within its’ pages. It tells us about man’s depravity indeed, and has been regarded thru the ages as a “learning” word, yes, but you walk a crooked line when you use it as argument to justify the garbage that is starting to be put in front of incorrigible youth. For all you evolutionists…….we’ve NOT evolved? Oh…I believe Mr. Obama has glanced the pages of the Bible, or perhaps even knows it well…he must because everything he does is the complete opposite. Nothing about the man and his minions rings true to me. Nothingggggggggggg!

Not even sure what that last person is trying to say.


Be more obvious, please!

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For those of you not in the know on this yet , part of the great Global Warming Climate Change machine is the open talk of population control. Sounds innocuous enough right? Population control means having less babies or thinning out populations already in place. One of the tenants of the new religion known as environmentalism is that the very act of humans living on earth is killing Mother Earth. Part of the solution of shrinking our carbon footprint is to literally lessen our footprints.

It’s really just another tactic to further the eugenics ideas that have been going on for decades. The elite know that they do not have the numbers if something happened and enough people woke up all at once. They control virtually everything else, but ‘regular’ people outnumber the top elite something like 10000 to 1. Bad odds for them.

Even as Climate-gate has erupted (in the Rightwing blogosphere anyway) the environmental fanatics still plow forward with their ownership of the dialogue. Articles today from China and Canada propose the scientific certainty that we must eliminate people in order to save the world. Curtail population growth and reduce birth rates.

It IS obvious that we cannot just continue to breed the world full of people and not expect reprecussions, I am not denying that. The real question here is who do you want deciding who lives and who dies? Who gets to have babies and when? The government? People taking the Chinese lead on this?

For a good background on eugenics and how we got here check out (gasp) Alex Jones’ movie Endgame. Skip the first half of mastabatory self indulgence of Alex and skip to the last half about eugenics. It has (mostly) all good information and a basic history of the movement. Make sure you find it for free though and not give that smug shithead any money.

What the Right is afraid of today…

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The new favorite of the Internet Right to tell them what to be afraid of is Breitbart and his writers. Today’s affront to humanity is the teachings of Howard Zinn in schools.

Now Howard Zinn IS a Left wing zealot whose ideas overall should not be taught in schools, although there are some bits of truth here that the Right want to always leave out. For instance, the feel good story of how Columbus discovered America and we tamed a savage land with kindness.

This is NOT how it happened folks. Nordic people ‘discovered’ the continent well before Columbus did and the folks that were already living here had no idea that they were undiscovered. We wanted the land and did what it took to take it from them. We used biological warfare against them and ‘genocided’ several tribes. To this day, Native Americans get small parcels of land to live on and the Feds have authority to kick in the doors at any time to do what they want. No matter which way you cut it, ‘white people’ put a royal screw to ‘red people.’ No amount of revisionist history changes what really happened.

This isn’t the only example of course, but it does point out that from the very beginning of this country, we were being dicks. Slavery, WWII Japanese American prisoners, eugenics, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Afghanistan again, Iraq again, now Afghanistan again…

America is plagued by a very simple logical fallacy. As America, we are automatically right therefore any dissenting view is already wrong or worse…evil. I guess in that manner we ARE a Christian nation!

The Right in this country don’t seem to get that as evil as those dirty liberals are… all the leaders of the Right do the very same things! Eugenics isn’t some liberal agenda…it’s been running non-stop mandated by left and right policy makers since day one. If the issue of abortion is indeed so critical and America as a Christian nation and all we should have laws against it…why didn’t anything happen during the years of Republican rule with all 3 branched in their corner? Why not just take these dirty Muslim/Leftist/Commie/Poor/Brown whatever people out back and kill them already?

Because they need something to keep you at odds with your fellow man about! If all the ants are constantly bickering, they cannot realize that they can take the grasshoppers out easily.

The system really works so well. People that have a problem picking out Canada on a map are yelling for more home schooling. We already have a high enough percentage of the population that believes man rode dinosaurs around and that a ghost is watching everything you do don’t you think?

Low Income Babies

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Now, yes, it does seem a bit like a ‘wow…just wow’ moment but it’s kind of a valid point.

It is not really asked correctly, but why is it really that the very same people that bitch the loudest about having to pay for ‘all these poor people having kids all the time’ are the very ones that want to make sure that abortion is illegal?

The real answer is this:

They want to keep those babies poor and under the system. They want them to grow up to be 18, have no real future and to join the military. Then they can use them as cannon fodder so that their kids don’t have to fight the illegal and immoral wars. Don’t kill your kids, we want to do that for you when they grow up!

That’s why the system is rigged in such a way that if you are middling, you are constantly being forced downward. If you are down, you are kept forced down. Even better if we can lay a guilt trip on you and make you feel bad for being in that position. It’s called control and the system that has been running in the US for the past 150 years or so has worked wonderfully. You have a large portion of your population poor and uneducated and the middle educated just enough to keep pushing their buttons and chasing the carrot dangled in front of them.

It’s not just the financial system, the education system, the food supply, the medical industry, racism, religion, the mind controlling media, the fake 2 party illusion of choice…it’s all of these working like a giant machine, keeping the populace fat, dumb and unhappy.

Israel: What business is it of ours?

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All kinds of hubub going on about Israel’s approval of new house building in the Gaza strip and the White House is taking a rare position against Israel on this.

Despite years of pretty much unconditional support for Israel, this is an odd move it would seem. Neither party has ever been very critical of Israel and her policies. A good section of the Republican’s base is of a kind of zionist-christian attitude. That in itself seems rather odd and odder still are the teachings of such mega-church leaders like John Hagee who alternately calls jews ‘christ killers’ and then also writes books in which he claims that Jesus was not the messiah. Pretty schizophrenic even for a loopy bible-thumper.

I think the real question here is why are we as a country so invested in Israel at all? I know, we have been in a protective big brother role since the close of WWII, where America saved the Jews from Hitler’s grasp. We have helped Israel from it’s birth to gain legitimacy not unlike how we discovered and settled North America. You might be thinking, what?, but it’s not much different from what we did by moving onto lands already occupied and running them off and killing them to make our own country. You really have to wonder what made it sound like a good idea to try and carve out a country in an area that is so diametrically opposed to the people you are sending there and has been for thousands of years.

The answer to that I think lies partially in the amount of dual-citizens we have in high levels of power in this country. This is not a partisan thing, both parties have loads of dual citizen members involved with them. I have pointed some of these out before and again I ask the question of why do we allow (and even seem to encourage) this while most other countries disallow it, including Israel itself. Israel has had and still does have a disproportionate amount of influence in our highest circles of power. Rather odd when you consider that their holy texts has the same language of ‘kill all the non-believers’ that the Muslim texts have. Those that always want to say that America is a Christan nation should be just as scared about that.

The bottom line is that it should not be up to the United States to be ‘brokering’ Mid East peace talks or treaties. Why are we in the middle of it at all? We are exerting power in a region that has 2 major groups of people fighting already and we introduce another element to it. Ron Paul got blasted in the primaries for daring to mention that maybe we receive attention from Muslim terrorists by having our nose in their business all the time. He committed a sin by suggesting that perhaps the assumption that the US is always right isn’t. Since Obama has been elected we have been at least talking about all the problems we have here at home which is something that hasn’t been done in a while. Maybe it might benefit us to get our own country back on track before trying further our Empire. You know, just sayin’.

Stimulus Working, even though joblessness rises***

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A statement toady from Christina Romer, of the Council of Economic Advisers, says that the stimulus is working just fine even though the official unemployment rate is at 9.5%.

Uhm, no.

How do they expect for people to think that the economy is getting better if jobs are shrinking? The economy is better now for Wall Street, mostly because we the taxpayers gave them billions and the Fed made our money worth even less because they print more and more for them. The man on the street however is not doing any better. In fact, it’s getting worse and is not yet peaked. Most estimates are saying unemployment won’t peak until late next year. The housing bubble is still shaking people out and foreclosures are still rising. The bailed companies are doing their best to do what they do best: protect their bottom line. If that means getting rid of people, cutting back on pay and benefits, then that’s what they are going to do. It seems totally anti-American to try and punish companies for doing this, but at the same time letting them do it is killing the country.

The bottom line is that we can’t change anything unless we change everything. Left to their own devices, the rich will get richer at the expense of the poor. The powerful will gain more power at the expense of liberty. The problem we are facing is not one of political policies or economic meltdowns. We are facing a war of ideals. I am not talking about the shallow media fueled view that things are socialism vs capaitalism or of the deeper facism vs theocracy view. 50% of the public feel strongly one way and 50% the other. The media keeps the fire stoked to make sure that everyone is always fighting. I am shocked that we have not had mass murders at political rallies by now. The media (and the government’s official actions) seem to be trying to encourage that. It would play well on the evening news and give the ‘other’ side fuel to ratchet up the rhetoric (and then violence) against their ‘enemies.’

The 50% battles all take attention away from the fact that no matter which ‘side’ is in power, nothing changes. You think McCain would not have approved the bailouts? You think Obama is actually pulling us out of war? Is Obama’s White House being more transparent? Is Gitmo being closed really stopping torture and indefinite jailing of folks (even after they have been cleared of charges?) Is the economy really improving for the folks on the ground? Are our inalienable rights being protected more or taken away more?

We are on the same path, no matter who is driving. We might have slightly different rides getting there, see some different sights, but we will end up at the same destination. Unless something changes about the majority of human nature we are going to be destroyed by greed, hatred, jealousy, racism. Unless or until something big, I mean really big, happens to snap people the world over out of their own narrow-minded, greedy, self-centered points of view, we will continue to be abused in this broken system until the leaders of it all have bled us dry.

***I misunderestimated the numbers and unemployment actually fell this month…a tenth of a percent.   All is well then! YAY! Maybe I need to go home and rethink my life…***

This just in. The Church is against sin…

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The Pope has released a statement concerning the financial crisis and basically it boils down to : Greed is bad.

Now make sure you bring in your W-2s so we can verify you are giving your full 10% to us. We do not pay taxes on it by the way. Also we condemn socialism. All the G-8 leaders have received our guidelines on ‘redistributing the wealth.’ We do good things all the time. Examples include endorsing Nazism, the Crusades, the Knights of Malta, The Crusades, adding to the worldwide spread of AIDS by condemning condoms, feeding the hungry heathens (as long as they swear allegiance to Jesus first!) Should I go on? Also we need to make sure we have funds available for our priesthood to stave off these totally true allegations of child molestation and pay lawyers to defend or draft settlements in the millions to those ‘allegedly’ molested.

Please do not take this as an attack against the Catholic Church solely. Most of this applies to Baptists, Muslims, Jews, Pentecostals, Presbyterians, Methodists and Mormons and generally anyone that feels superiority to all others based on their particular delusion of an invisible guy in the sky that loves us but will send us to Hell if we make some arbitrary slight against ‘Him.’