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Swine Flu Safe and Effective, but 800000 doses recalled

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So 800,000 doses of H1N1 vaccine have been recalled because their ‘effectiveness’ has declined, but all is well and your children don’t need new doses and it’s effective. Ok, which is it? It’s not effective anymore and needs to come back or it’s fine and don’t worry about anything? This story has not been getting wide play, the way I heard about it is because our local health department was one of the one’s receiving the wonky shots and it was on the local radio station news break. Nothing in the headlines, the national news (that I have seen anyway) or plastered all over sites like Drudge etc…

Think about this… They passed a law that made sure that vaccine makers are immune to prosecution and lawsuits over their products and they STILL are recalling 800k doses. How bad is the problem with them? They already know that the overwhelming majority of the product has already been used in the massive fear circus. They expect very little actual returns of product just because it is in such high demand that doctors, you know those that are supposed to be looking out for your health, will keep the unsafe or at least ineffective (yet still safe and effective) doses because people will buy them even if they know they are potentially w0nky.

By the way, what happened to all the doom and gloom and global pandemic that was supposed to arise out of all this?

What if they planned an armageddon and no one showed up? 🙂


Swine Flu Song

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Great song that I missed earlier.

The storm on this has quieted some, but it’s still pertinent as a precedent.

Swine Flu ‘News’ is propaganda, but you already knew that right?

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Here is a perfect example. Headline reads Health Care workers worry about swine flu vaccination. Going into it, that sounds a like it’s a story on the worries of the safety of these shots and the mandatory administering of it to health care personnel around the country, under threat of unemployment. Turns out it’s a whine about how tired people are going to be for having to give so many shots and the increase in workloads all the fear mongering is causing. However, the real intent is a push for nationalized health care. Here is the quote that illustrates the real idea behind this particular story:

“We do not have the resources we need and we haven’t for a while,” Dr Jeffrey Duchin of Public Health in Seattle & King County and the University of Washington said in an interview.

“The problem is we don’t have a coordinated healthcare system in this country. We don’t have a national framework that allows these interventions.”

How much more obvious can they possibly be? Also noted in the article is how the US government is the one paying for all these vaccinations that are being produced right now. The invented crisis already has it’s savior and we are lining the pockets of the big pharma companies to sell us poisoned, un-needed vaccinations. Now when anti-national health care critics talk, pro-reformers can say ‘You didn’t have a problem with us running the successful vaccination program.’ Critics cannot say anything about it before hand, because to do so would put them in the same camp as the tin foil hat truthers screaming about the vaccinations already. It’s all very well crafted, but totally obvious if you are paying attention.

The narrative that is being created is that the swine flu is super deadly (it isn’t) and our old health care system is not equipped to deal with it (uh…the whole thing is unnecessary.) The swine flu shots are as safe as the regular flu shots (which is to say not very) and even before it starts, all of the adverse reaction reports that are going to be received are from hypochondriacs and people trying to draw connections that aren’t there.

This is  how it’s going to be because it’s on tv and that’s what the news says is happening.

UN tries to shake down ‘rich countries’ and it will work too!

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The U.N. and WHO  are asking for £900 Million (it’s a British article) to help stop the pandemic of swine flu from causing anarchy in the poorest countries in the world and killing millions.

What a load of horseshit.

This is nothing more than an opportunity for them to ride a media hype machine to shake down ‘rich countries’ (and the U.S. is NOT rich folks…we are broke) to get some monies flowing into the corrupt warlord regimes in Africa and other countries. Besides, I would rather not see those poor folks that can barely eat be bombarded with even less controlled vaccines and medicines. These same poor countries are the same ones that get the even more dangerous and tainted drugs dumped on them all the time. They don’t need to take these poisons to fight off nothing more than a new strain of flu any more than Americans do.

This is not The Stand. It’s just a flu. It’s no more dangerous than regular flu. Don’t take my word for it, there are plenty of doctors out there that have been saying the same thing. Of course there are plenty of doctors that are also telling you it’s the worst thing since polio (and the vaccines for that worked out so well…with the pandemic of cancer caused by it…a real scary pandemic that IS killing people that it should not have.) You have to investigate yourself and see which ones are telling you the truth. The plain fact is that many doctors, especially media spokesperson types, are on the take from Big Pharma and will push for new drugs as they come out for kickbacks. That’s not a conspiracy, it’s just the way it is. From low level drug company reps supplying free samples and free lunches all the way up to large donations to political campaigns (see Rick Perry and the Gardasil deal,) that’s the way this operates.

So now, instead of actually helping these countries with things they need, we will end up paying through the nose to the vaccine makers to supply these folks with poison. Even if the vaccines (and I think I have been very clear that they will not)  did help, very little money would actually be used for altruistic purposes anyway. The majority would line the pockets of their corrupt governments and help fund people not at all friendly to ‘western interests.’

Well, the president will see through all that and not pay right? Obama is a good and truthful man that has the little peoples’ best interests at heart right?

Oh…he’s on radio saying that he wants to make sure that the finances of the entire globe are rolled together and have tighter controls…like America’s. Well, since all the exact same people that caused the Depression we are in are the ones that will be doing that… I guess there goes the whole Obama is going to fix it all idea. Obama wants to protect consumers from credit card companies raping them. They tried that already and ended up making some minor changes and left the real bad loopholes and total ball smashing powers of credit card companies intact. Without a ceiling of interest rates, there’s nothing stopping CC companies from charging 60% interest if they wanted to. There are many companies out there in the ‘pay day loans’ market that charge over 100% interest and it’s legal (on state by state basis…no federal guidelines) to do so. The powers that be all cry about predatory lending on housing and yet there are just plain loan sharks out there, advertising with huge signs all over the place. Here in Missouri they are very well saturated, mostly because the state laws let them get away with murder. No, this isn’t sour grapes because I got burned, I have enough sense to not get mixed up with those places, but most folks that are using them are the ones just barely getting by. To then be virtually enslaved by these predatory lenders with outrageous deals is just insane.  That how finance works here though. Those who need it pay WAY more and get into worse spots by the only available routes for them to do so and those who don’t need it pay 2% interest or even 0% interest. I know it’s a risk management strategy I get that. I know why it works that way, but to take a risky investment and do all you can to make it riskier is not the way to fix it. Either shut it off or level the playing field a bit, don’t rook people.

This line of thought leads only to one place: eventually, through attrition, all consumers cannot purchase any goods and the wheels of consumerism grind to a halt. Then the few conglomerates left with all the money and all the property have it all and no one can get it from them. This sounds reasonable if you are at the top, but do you really want to destroy everyone beneath you?

What the hell am I thinking, of course they do. That’s been the plan all along. Working beautifully guys!

Pre-spinning the vaccine fallout

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They aren’t even waiting for the problems to start before spinning the vaccine side effects. Here is an article that is saying basically that even though the vaccines are being made by a bunch of different companies, with different formulas, that they realize they will be unfairly blamed for side effects and deaths after the shots are widely used.  It even goes on to mention the 70s debacle of swine flu vaccines and the terrible side effects of those but tries to spin that as media hype and not a legitimate concern of safety. Everyone knows that 70s era 60 Minutes was just a fear mongering conspiracy theory show. Give me a break.

This is nothing more than pre-spinning what they know is going to happen. We are just trying to warn you for your own safety. Would you rather be sick for a couple of weeks (you know, like the regular flu) or paralyzed or die from a hastily made, largely untested concoction of chemicals totally unbiased (ha!) companies say you need?

Also note that you should read the second page of that article linked above. Here is one of the two paragraphs on the second page that is highly alarming.

To address this, CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are gearing up for one of the biggest surveillance efforts ever. “We know how absolutely essential clear, transparent communications are to the public in order to have a successful vaccination campaign,” Cox said.

Emphasis mine. They plan to flood the blogosphere with pro-vaccination propaganda to try and stem the already known backlash spreading against it. I wonder how long it will be before people posting about this will be slapped with some crime of ‘endangering the public health’ or some such nonsense.

In the interest of CYA, I am not a doctor. Please inform yourself using all available methods before deciding if swine flu shots are for you.


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If you study history (and by that I mean recent history even more so) you begin to see patterns repeating. Everything is cyclical. From party control over government all the way down to which conference of the NFL dominates Super Bowls. We do this for a while, we do that for a while.

Right now we are entering a period after having a new president that typically some crisis arises that becomes that president’s legacy. W’s was very obvious. His dad had the first Iraq war. Clinton’s was scandal and home-grown terrorism. Oil crises, Vietnam (they played that one for a while didn’t they?), Afghanistan (before, not now) the Great Depression, WWII , WWI, the list goes on and on.

Now we have several potential crises to be Obama’s. The health care thing might be a red herring. It could also be bumped up to nearly a civil partisan war if the media gets what they seem to want.

Swine flu might also be a candidate, with mandatory vaccinations already coming into effect and the enormous fear machine behind it. With every day, this one looks more and more likely. New stories every day on this one, like touching banned in schools, police cars in front of homes to enforce quarantines… and sadly this is all from the people that are supposed to be experts and calming the public. It is largely a fake crisis but one that will have terrible effects from the human response to it.

It might also be the drum beating for expanding the war in Afghanistan. Weird how all the anti-war folks seem to be much less prevalent even though Obama (the anti-war candidate) is doing nothing to slow down the empire building. Is it the media not covering them, or are they all just moving on with the debate of the day of health care? Some anti-war folks are being more ignored now than ever, like Cindy Sheehan for instance, now relagated to talking on Alex Jones show instead of the national news.

The economy is also poised to collapse, even after all the wonderful (ha!) plans to rescue it. I feel that this is probably going to be an environmental control, something that sours the populace while one of the bigger plans gets going. We really still are on the edge of collapse so if something does happen, it could set off the powder keg of full blown Depression. Possibly much worse than the Big Depression.

It might be another domestic terrorist plan, with all the hubub behind that scenario at the beginning of Obama’s administration. That has cooled a bit recently, but there is the presence of armed people showing up at political presentations (notice I don’t say debates since opposing ideas are largely dismissed.) This might fit into the partisan warfare scenario as well, and anything like that would have a huge influence on anti-gun laws that the Dems so love to institute.

We have a selection of crises to choose from going into this timetable for a crisis to emerge as the big one. Of course it could be something not on the radar at all at the moment like another false flag event from the ‘evildoers of Islam’ or even North Korea pulling some big stunt epspecially with the prerequisite of receiving a visit from a high dignitary, Bill Clinton, right before something goes off has been achieved now.

Enjoy the slow news days. I fear they will be over soon.

Mandatory Flu Shots requirement for employment

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In New York, if you work in the health care industry, you might be forced to take the flu vaccinations or get fired. Not the H1N1 shots, just the regular flu shot. If there truly is a public backlash to the newest vaccinations (as seems to be brewing to a much higher degree than usual in recent times) here is a great work around. Sure, it’s your right to not get the shots, but you won’ t have a job anymore. Of course this won’t happen unless the industry doing the forcing is in bed with the industry pushing the vaccinations…oh wait.

Nice end around if the lawmakers don’t want to risk their political necks in backing what is being seen more and more as a dangerous and unneeded program.