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Meet the new boss, EXACTLY the same as the old boss.

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You people do realize that voting between Democrats and Republicans is like voting for Marlboro and Camel right? Both are the same, and both have you pay them high prices in order to kill you. The whole Tea Party movement is even worse: it’s like buying Marlboro or Marlboro Mediums. So far I’ve seen only PBS and Bill Maher pointing out that the Tea Party, which is people fed up with both parties and wanting to eliminate taxes and government control and corporate welfare and bailouts, is being funded by Karl Rove and company. Do you think that Karl Rove, the prototype Neo-Con, really wants LESS government control?

When the Ron Paul campaign showed that there was actually a healthy population of people with Libertarian ideals and really wanting to change the system, the GOP quickly copted, bought out and controlled the movement. You folks that were in on the Paul ‘Revolution’ know now (or you should) how fake it all was and how it was the beginning of making a controlled opposition. Once the Glen Becks and Sarah Palins started jumping on  board, you didn’t see where that was headed?

Politics is professional wrestling, only we the people, the bottom 98% are the only ones that ever end up injured or dead.

Please wake up people! Please! If HALF of the energy that goes into all this fake outrage and hyper ‘partisan’ bickering were put into actually seeing through the outright lies and deception and smoke and mirrors of it all, the people of this country (the world actually) would realize how and why we are being used by that top 2% and we could take them on!


Rand Paul is a lousy public speaker

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I have supported his father and have also withdrawn support for his father when it was obvious he was , in the end , just another politician. One that had some good ideas, but they were still for sale.

Now Dr. Rand Paul, Ron’s son, is up for Senate in Kentucky. He handily won the primary, but now Rachel Maddow and others are trotting out the racism rant that they used against his father. On the surface of it, it sounds like they are indeed racist, but if you realize what they are saying, it really isn’t.*If you are unaware, he is in hot water for essentially saying he was for about 90% of the Civil Rights Act (and Disabilities Act) and gets cornered into sounding like he wants to bring back segregation and ‘no blacks allowed’ signs at restaurants etc…*

The problem here is, Rand ,nor his father, can speak well enough to have anyone realize what they ARE trying to say. They try to politicize and over-PC their speech so that they cannot be cornered but fail to make their point… so allow me to explain it for them.

Are you in favor of allowing businesses to post ‘no blacks allowed’ (or gays, or Mexicans or whatever…you get the point)

His answer should be: Yes.

His point is that the Federal Government should keep it’s nose out of private business and allow people to determine what stays in business themselves. He wouldn’t visit a shop that had a ‘no Mexicans’ sign posted and he figures that most folks wouldn’t either. Having a ‘no blacks served’ sign in the window will lead to that place’s eventual closing because no one would want to eat at some bigot’s place. That, and continuing to pay for the windows that would get broken out all the time.

Now, I don’t necessarily agree with him, but I certainly understand his point of view here and what he is trying to say. He’s not personally racist (at least he says he isn’t, but how can one determine what’s in one’s heart?) and his comments are not being made with any racist intent. It’s a difference of perspectives, and not even in the way his detractors want to paint it. The machinery that is now trying to level this kind of talk understand it , but they want to paint the picture to their drooling followers that he is a bigot and a racist. The real problem is that there are plenty of people that will just read the cliffnotes and not really even try to understand, even if they don’t agree.

New(?) Face of the GOP: Ron Paul

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If you came here expecting a pro-Paul tirade…move along. Ron Paul won the CPAC straw poll. Fox News is trying to downplay that win after hyping the convention as the second coming of Christ.

I have given money to his campaign, stood on the road holding signs freezing, getting hassled by cops for holding those signs etc…

I would not do any of it again. I had rose colored glasses on, and believed that there could be an honest politician. I was proven wrong. Not just the gut feeling that Dr Paul’s campaign was being run by obvious retards, not pushing the offensive when word of mouth was going in his favor, not using all the money he raised effectively , ever playing ‘the nice guy’ when pushed…

Fox News is (publicly) scrambling and acting like they don’t like Ron Paul, all the while promoting the ‘Tea Party’ movement as ‘the public groundswell’, once it was co-opted by the Beck’s and Palin’s and such. They forget that the original Tea Partiers are the same group as Ron Paul supporters. They also don’t like him, but have him on all the time to discuss the financial meltdown and how badly Obama is doing (even though all Obama is doing is continuing the same thing that Bush was.)

The bottom line here is Ron Paul is the same old thing in another package. Ron Paul did not vote to repeal the Warner Defense Act (that got rid of posse comitatus) and also is backing hardline ‘Neo-Cons’ in Texas due to an agreement with the GOP that he would back incumbent Republicans no matter his ideals. Now I know that diplomacy and moderation are big tent poles of Paul’s ideals, but to take the money and run and then let his actions show that when rubber meets the road, those ideals of his are subject to barter… it’s the same old thing that we always see.

If you are going to judge a guy on his fruits…then do that. Don’t ignore things that are happening RIGHT NOW that show that he’s not all he’s cracked up to be.

Hey, if nothing else, remember he is hugely pushed by Alex Jones and …well… that is enough for me to withdraw support.

Thanks, Mass. You played your part well.

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The latest chapter in the fiction that is US politics and elections has come and gone. The hyper-partisan pendulum is swinging back to the GOP in the latest episode.  Gee, now no health-care reform is going to happen.

Like there was ever going to be any.

There is no change we can believe in. Democrats are not interested in changing anything, only to cut their buddies in for a larger piece of pie. Now to support the illusion of ‘all these partisan politics lead to nothing getting done’ the GOP will now be able to stop Obama and his socialist agenda. This of course doesn’t take into account that none of that happened. Obama appointed all the same guys, kept the same policies and takes the same actions as Bush did (and was rightly panned for) but now all the deluded 2 party sheep can see how the 2 party system doesn’t work (instead of not realizing that it doesn’t exist.)

Now for pure speculation. Perhaps this is all the long con to convince the American people that the 2 party system should be abandoned. This sounds ok on the surface until you realize that the only other scenario they will allow is a one party dictatorship. ‘We need to get behind President XYZ, appointed for life with supreme power. He wants whats best for you and he will cut through all the red tape to help everyone! The government has failed you but this new government will take care of you cradle to grave!’ I wouldn’t be surprised to see this person emerge from the more and more obviously government controlled ‘tea party’ movement.

Can’t you see that happening? Is it really any more crazy than the reality we see right now?

Alex Jones now ‘in cahoots’ with Drudge Report

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Good ole Alex Jones is beginning his rise into Glen Beck like popularity (despite for years saying how he turned down a Rush Limbaugh level offer) by being officially recognized as a ‘news outlet’ by Drudge Report. Note, there are now articles on the infowars site also saying how Drudge Report is correct with it’s stories (even though they were lambasted when they covered for Bush’s folks.)  Weird how someone that always says they don’t buy into the 2 party system rolls with the public opinion polls and regular media’s slants.

See how this whole co-opting of the Tea Party movement was the plan from the get go?

Listen to the end of today’s show (Jan 08) where Alex is interviewing a general from Able Danger (the think tank that had already gamed out the 9/11 scenario way before it happened) and his always hard line MIHOP stance on 9/11 had now softened to the LIHOP , especially with this guest. He then launches into loud cries about Hal Turner being an FBI agent… nice deflection huh?

Alex Jones sheeple, can you not see what’s happening here? Alex Jones is a Junior level Glenn Beck on his way up. I guess the programming has already worked so well that sadly, Alex Jones fans probably think Glenn Beck is awesome anyway.

Timing of Health Care and Debt Limit reminds me of something…

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The Christmas Eve vote on both of these very important and large bills reminds me of another Christmas bill, although that one was much more secretive but no less dangerous.

The vote I am speaking of is of course the Federal Reserve Act. Do yourselves a favor and seek and watch The Money Masters. It should be every American’s civic duty to see this documentary.

What the Right is afraid of today…

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The new favorite of the Internet Right to tell them what to be afraid of is Breitbart and his writers. Today’s affront to humanity is the teachings of Howard Zinn in schools.

Now Howard Zinn IS a Left wing zealot whose ideas overall should not be taught in schools, although there are some bits of truth here that the Right want to always leave out. For instance, the feel good story of how Columbus discovered America and we tamed a savage land with kindness.

This is NOT how it happened folks. Nordic people ‘discovered’ the continent well before Columbus did and the folks that were already living here had no idea that they were undiscovered. We wanted the land and did what it took to take it from them. We used biological warfare against them and ‘genocided’ several tribes. To this day, Native Americans get small parcels of land to live on and the Feds have authority to kick in the doors at any time to do what they want. No matter which way you cut it, ‘white people’ put a royal screw to ‘red people.’ No amount of revisionist history changes what really happened.

This isn’t the only example of course, but it does point out that from the very beginning of this country, we were being dicks. Slavery, WWII Japanese American prisoners, eugenics, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Afghanistan again, Iraq again, now Afghanistan again…

America is plagued by a very simple logical fallacy. As America, we are automatically right therefore any dissenting view is already wrong or worse…evil. I guess in that manner we ARE a Christian nation!

The Right in this country don’t seem to get that as evil as those dirty liberals are… all the leaders of the Right do the very same things! Eugenics isn’t some liberal agenda…it’s been running non-stop mandated by left and right policy makers since day one. If the issue of abortion is indeed so critical and America as a Christian nation and all we should have laws against it…why didn’t anything happen during the years of Republican rule with all 3 branched in their corner? Why not just take these dirty Muslim/Leftist/Commie/Poor/Brown whatever people out back and kill them already?

Because they need something to keep you at odds with your fellow man about! If all the ants are constantly bickering, they cannot realize that they can take the grasshoppers out easily.

The system really works so well. People that have a problem picking out Canada on a map are yelling for more home schooling. We already have a high enough percentage of the population that believes man rode dinosaurs around and that a ghost is watching everything you do don’t you think?