Who am I?

I describe myself as a liberal Libertarian Constitutionalist. I believe our fore fathers wrote a pretty good description of how our government should work. I also believe there is a concerted effort underway to undermine those ideals and sell the soul of this country away. I am a seeker of truth and I think everyone should be.


3 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. Steve Baldwin Says:


    I’m a reader of your bloc and am likewise a patriot and a constitutionalist but your comments on CNP are a bit off. Nearly everyone you listed as a member are NOT members, or if they were, it was years ago. Our purpose is to network constitutionalists in the hope that what we do will save this country.


  2. jonnyfrag Says:

    I am not saying with 100% conviction that some of the people are ‘tainted’ because of their CNP past, but it raises eyebrows enough to want to try to learn more about what appears to be a very bad and powerful group. The fact that they have been running under the radar more so than some of the other ‘secret’ organizations like Bilberberg or Bohemian Grovers etc… that means as seekers of Truth, we need to find out all we can about them. If we uncover that some big, even beloved, members of the Patriot movement are dirty, that is the price of knowledge. Any group will have some dirty members just as a matter of statistics. We do not need a witchhunt, but we do need to be asking pertinent questions and if folks get huffy and don’t want to answer them…that just makes them more suspect in my book. I know, it seems a bit McCarthyesque but I think nothing should be offlimits to discuss and learn about. Not to allow it is no different than the current policy of government to shape conversations and keep the subject changed.

  3. I agree… your past dealings are pretty indicative of who you are as a person. Keeting Five, anyone?

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